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5 Reasons To Move To Santa Barbara

Are you thinking of moving to coastal California but want to escape the bustle of a busy city? Then Santa Barbara might just be the perfect solution for you. Not only is ‘The American Riviera’ an idyllic small-town seaside heaven but it’s a culturally rich city as well. And even if you miss the buzzing atmosphere of a larger city, LA is only 95 miles away. Finally, there are the beaches and the perfect weather. Yes, life in Santa Barbara really is just as amazing as it seems. Stay tuned for the top 5 reasons which might help you decide to move to Santa Barbara.

A Whole Lot Of Festivals

festival parade

Santa Barbara’s calendar of events is full of festivals.

The whole year, Santa Barbara is overflowing with all kinds of bright festivals. No matter what you’re into – many of them will pique your interest. Known as one of the most prominent film festivals in the USSanta Barbara International Film Festival is the city’s biggest event. Then there’s April’s main event, Earth Day Festivalan important West Coast gathering for environmental concerns. It’s a great opportunity to learn about sustainable products and services through different workshops. While there, visit the organic food market and green car show among other attractions. For those who are seafood fanatics, there is Harbor & Seafood Festival, Santa Barbara’s signature Autumn festival. Marking the opening of lobster season, it’s dedicated to all those who are in for a taste of maritime culinary explosion. So, all things considered, don’t worry about making new friends as there are numerous opportunities.

Want 300 Days Of Sunshine A Year? Move To Santa Barbara!

Did you know that your subjective mental well-being is largely affected by the weather? At least that’s what the social scientists say. Whether they are right or not, few are those who could resist year-round warm weather. But, not everything is ideal. Moving to California has its pros and cons, and the weather can be on both sides of the specter. With the average annual temperature around 64, nearly every day is ideal for outdoor and beach activities. On the other hand, high summer temperatures usually create perfect conditions for fires to thrive. Wildfire season is usually from June to September, although the wind can pose the same threat the rest of the year. This shouldn’t concern you if you are planning your move. There are local moving companies, such as, that can handle such complex situations.

World-class Beaches

Santa Barbara beach

Breathtaking views can be part of your everyday life if you move to Santa Barbara

With the sun shining almost year-round, Santa Barbara is a famous celebrity getaway. But imagine what it’s like calling it home! The city boasts a wide array of beaches to choose from with many different amenities. Arroyo Burro Beach is a popular dog-friendly beach, which also has an off-leash area. So don’t worry, your four-legged friend can freely enjoy the sand and the waves. If you’re planning on moving with childrenCarpinteria Beach is deemed one of the safest beaches with no undertow. East Beach, on the other hand, is all about recreational activities. More than anything, it is famous for its volleyball courts and has picnic facilities and rollerblading trails among other amenities.

Best surf spots

If you like hitting the waves, then, by all means, you should move to Santa Barbara. Here’s a list of the spots where you can find the best breaks:

  • Refugio State Beach – This is an exposed beach with clear water creeks and palm trees. Ideal for winter surfing and the best camping site in the area.
  • Leadbetter Beach – This beach has a light surf which is great for beginners. It’s great if you enjoy evening swimming as well!
  • Campus Point – Most of the time the waves are 2-6 feet but in December they can go up to 15!
  • El Capitan State Beach – If you ask the locals, the best waves are on the ‘El Cap’ beach! When the right wave breaks, be prepared!
  • Jalama Beach – Looking for a spectacular view? Look no further! Apart from being a good surf spot, this is also a great place for camping. Also, the Jalama Burger is to die for!

Wine Lovers’ Paradise

If you are a wine aficionado, then this is just the place for you. Because of its many micro-climates, Santa Barbara’s has a thriving wine industry that will impress every wine connoisseur. Furthermore, there are more than 120 wineries that produce first-rate Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and more than 40 other varietals. Here are some interesting things to know:

grapes in a vineyard

Santa Barbara region is well suited to grow a diverse range of grapes

  • Sta. Rita of Homes or Happy Canyon of SB – If you’re not sure where to start, these are some of the city’s most famous AVA and sub-AVA names. Give them a try!
  • Wine and Food Festival – This event is considered to be one of the very best wine fests. There, you can indulge your senses in a  unique wine tasting experience. It is also a perfect occasion to try culinary treats, especially if you’re looking to explore California as a foodie.
  • Santa Barbara Winery – This is the oldest winery in the city. Make sure to check it out, as it is responsible for placing this area on the map as an important wine destination.

Spanish History And Culture

Still unsure whether to move to Santa Barbara? Then learning about the city’s history might just draw you in. The annual festival called Old Spanish Days is a perfect opportunity for that. Through this local legacySanta Barbarians embrace their long-lasting tradition. Essentially, it is a week-long celebration of the city’s heritage through Spanish customs. Make sure to take advantage to learn about the city’s roots by viewing The Historical Parade. There, you can witness historical events come to life as they are reenacted by the participants. Also, the residents hold dear the city’s history by preserving the unique Spanish Colonial style. Moreover, the city has enacted laws that prevent the erosion of its distinct image. In fact, this is why you won’t find any billboards in the city! If you are interested in art, the city will surely meet your expectations. There are many museums in the city, along with art galleries. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your suitcases and start packing. Oh, and don’t forget your beach towel!

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