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How to feel at home in Hollywood?

Wherever you come from, if you’re heading for Hollywood, you’ll find out that it’s much different from your hometown. The Entertainment Capital of the World is a dreamy place for young aspiring artists in search of fame. But what if you are not one of them? Perhaps all you need is peace and quiet and a comfy

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Senior moving guide for grandparents and their grandkids

Senior moving guide

When you come to a certain age you naturally start thinking about moving. Maybe you were always planning on moving somewhere warmer when you grow old. Or maybe, you just want to relocate to a smaller space so you can save some money and travel. Or, you were living in New York and now is

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How to recover after storm damage?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve probably survived a major storm at your house. And we all know how devastating the damage of hurricanes to your home can be. Really, you’re lucky to be alive and well, but your home probably has some damage. You shouldn’t despair though – there’s a lot of things you’ll need to do.

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Staying healthy when moving is vital

How to stay healthy when moving

Moving is going to be a hassle. There is no escaping that. From packing to organizing to moving, there will seemingly be a thousand things to do and never enough time to do it. In such times people tend to be focused on their current task and forget about themselves. Which usually leads to them getting sick.

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Moving to the Sunshine State 101

So, you’ve decided you’ll be moving to the Sunshine State. And who can blame you? Florida has a lot to offer, and it’s basically too much to list. The beaches. The sun. The nightlife. The Sunshine State has it all – you’ve vacationed there, you’ve loved it, so why not take the final leap and move

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