Bills and costs of living in Hollywood

Costs of living in Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California. But, it does not have to be a big problem if you are organized and you know how to manage your budget. Before moving to Holywood you should be ready and to learn everything about the costs of living in Hollywood. After all, it is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world, and it is worth it to pay a little more to live there. LA can offer you so much, so take that opportunity and make it work.

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Calculate your costs before moving to Hollywood and be prepared. It is one of the most important factors when you are moving.

Hollywood is a beautiful neighborhood in LA and the population is about 100,000. It is known for the film industry. It has a lot of amenities to visit, so you will not be bored here, for sure. If you want to work in the film industry, Hollywood is a place for that, but of course, this industry is not the only one in Hollywood. Before moving there, you should do research about expenses in Hollywood. 

What are the costs of living in Hollywood and how much do they cost?

Money is a major factor when moving. That is why you need to be prepared for Hollywood prices. So, let’s start with exploring.

Buying or renting a place

One of the most important and most expensive costs are for renting or buying a home. And you cannot pass it, unfortunately.

Keys for a new home in Hollywood.

Moving including a new home. Do you want to rent it or to buy it? What is more affordable for your budget?

  • The first option is to rent an apartment or a house. The price of renting a home in Hollywood depends on how large place do you want, of course. The average rent for one bedroom apartment is $1,500 per month. If you want a bigger place, for example, a three bedroom apartment you will need to spend about $2,500 per month.
  • The second option is to buy a home. If you want to save some money on the costs of living in Hollywood, then for the beginning buy a smaller home. For one square meter (or 10,76 square feet) you will spend about $10,050. But it is the average price if you want to buy a home a little bit outside of the Hollywood center. If you want to buy a home in the center, then the price for one square meter can be anywhere between $6,500 to $14,000. So the average price is about $10,250. If you are planning to buy a house in Hollywood, do a research.

Utility cost in Hollywood

Utilities are the second costs you cannot pass. The utility costs for 85 square meter apartment in Hollywood are about $115 per month. Of course, it depends on your lifestyle, but these are the average costs for basic utilities such as water, cooling, heating, electricity, and garbage. If you need to save money, the bill can be $50, for example. Your costs will be bigger if you have a big family than when you are alone.

Transportation costs

Costs of living in Hollywood mostly depends on you and your lifestyle and habits. This is also the case for the costs of transportation in LA. What will be your type of transportation? Do you have a car, or you will take public transport? The average monthly pass for public transport is $75. And if you have a car or any other type of vehicle, 1 liter of gasoline is $0,87. One gallon is about 4,55 liter. Did you decide how will you go to work or school? Think about your life after moving to Hollywood and make a plan in advance. Now you can calculate the transportation costs for the whole month in Hollywood or Los Angeles.

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Choose your type of transportation in Hollywood when you move there. What is practical and affordable for you?


If you are moving to Hollywood with family, a childcare and education costs are very important. A private preschool for one child per month is about $840. Be prepared for this cost if you have a kid(s) or you are planning to have them. Hollywood can offer to your children so much, so take that opportunity. Moving to Hollywood with a baby is challenging but it is worth it if you have a good plan and knowledge about LA.

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Childcare in Hollywood may be a big cost, but it is for their future life. And that does not have a price.

Hire a moving company for moving to Hollywood

First of all, your moving is going to cost you. Besides the costs of living in Hollywood, you need to calculate the costs of moving too. Where are you living now? Long distance move will cost more than a local one. But it is not the only factor. You need to estimate how many items do you have, how big and heavy they are? For that job, you can contact a moving company and they will calculate it for you. Hiring a moving company for moving to Hollywood is a very important step, especially if you are not from California.

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Hire a moving company and move your belongings safe to Hollywood.

So, now when you are familiar with the costs of living in Hollywood, you can manage them. As you can see, most of them depend on your lifestyle and how big your family is. But, you can live in Hollywood on a budget with some tips and tricks. Moving to Hollywood may be an amazing life experience, so take a change and go. Do not waste your time. Try something new and fun. Hollywood is the right place for that. Calculate your budget, call a moving company and move if it is your dream. Good luck!


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