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Interesting facts to know when moving to Hollywood

It is exciting to move to another city, especially to famous and popular Hollywood, a neighborhood in LA. It is one of the top destinations for tourists, but that is not all Hollywood has to offer. Because this city is very popular, there are a lot of interesting facts to know when moving to Hollywood s you will adjust faster. It is a fun part of moving. Learning thing about your future home city and its tradition and history will relax and prepare you at the same time.

Find a mover and a place to live first

If you are thinking about moving to Hollywood and it is your dream, fulfill it. What are the first things you will need? Of course, a moving company and a real estate agent. You can find a home in Hollywood before or after moving there.

Facts to know when moving to Hollywood

Searching for movers, packing, moving…all of this is stressful and not fun. Life after moving to Hollywood will be probably different but it does not mean it will be bad. But, when you have free time, use it to explore this amazing place in Los Angeles. Even better, if you have time, visit it before you move there. But, even for the visiting, you should know some things about it.

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Have some fun when moving by learning some new and interesting facts about Hollywood and living there.

Be patient in traffic

Traffic jam is often in Los Angeles, so this includes Hollywood too. It is a good option to own a car in LA, or you can take a bus to your work and back. It depends on where will you rent your new home. Moving from a small town to Hollywood is a big change, even for driving a car. If you want to drive in LA, then be prepared for different highways names. Highways have a word “the” before the number of highways.

People organize their time differently

One interesting fact about Hollywood is that people always late. Traffic might be a reason or, on the other hand, they are relaxed and they do not hurry (like people in New York City, for example). Also, bars are open till 2 AM, not more. People in Hollywood love to start their day early and to enjoy the sun.

The weather

If you are tired of snow, rain, and low temperatures, Hollywood is a perfect place for you. Get rid of your winter jackets and boots. When it comes to clothing, people in LA, especially in Hollywood love their casual and summer clothes. Is it living in Hollywood for you? It is if you love the sun and casual clothing.

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Forget about sweaters. Wear your shorts and work out. A healthy living in Hollywood is a big part of life. Enjoy the sunny days and warm weather.

Dinner parties in Hollywood

Dinner parties are very popular in Hollywood. So, get used to this kind of party and you can host one too. People in Hollywood have bigger homes than New Yorkers for example, so this is one of the reasons. Especially if you have a little open space behind your home. In this case, you will host many dinner parties. It is one of the facts to know when moving to Hollywood and you will love it.

Healthy living

People in Hollywood live their lives healthy or trying to stay healthy. This is the rule for the whole California. Gyms an fitness studios are everywhere. Or, if you want fresh juice, it is behind the corner. Many people working out in the park. Also, you will learn million new diets and recipes.

You will love the wine

Wine in LA is amazing. Even if you did not drink the wine before, you will love it here. Buy a bottle of wine in the local store and invite your new friends. It is another way to adjust faster in Hollywood and to meet people around you. Hollywood lifestyle is special and probably you will do things you have never done before, not just wine drinking.

Other things you have to deal with after moving to Hollywood

There are some other things and facts you should know when moving to Hollywood. 

  • One of the facts to know when moving to Hollywood is that helicopters are a normal occurrence in the Hollywood sky.
  • Bicyclists do not need a bike path to ride a bike. Bikes are everywhere.
  • Be patient when you are on the Walk of Fame. In the beginning, you will be amazed by this boulevard. But, like most people who live in Hollywood, it will not be a big deal for you anymore. But, tourists will slow you down while you are trying to pass that street.
  • Mixologists are bartenders. But, people in Hollywood love to experiment with names.
  • It seems like everyone in Hollywood knows some celebrity and they are hanging out with them.
  • You will meet a lot of Scientologists.
  • Special events are usual. That means the traffic will be a disaster, so be patient.
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Write down all the attractions you want to see in Hollywood and LA.

So, now when you know these interesting things about Hollywood and people who are living there, it should be much easier to adjust. These facts to know when moving to Hollywood are not essential, but it is a good way to relax and to get to know the city better. Hollywood is one of the best-known neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the world too. Use that opportunity to work on your career and to meet different people.

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