elderly person deal with moving anxiety

How to help an elderly person deal with moving anxiety

Sadly, this topic isn’t as highly discussed as it should be. Elderly people sometimes suffer from moving anxiety. But nobody seems to talk about how and what should you do. The whole family has to come together to learn how to help an elderly person deal with moving anxiety.

Moving anxiety also known as a post moving depression is a pretty common thing among people of all ages. From 3 to 33, to 333. This condition makes a person feels sad, hopeless and anxious about an upcoming, ongoing or recently completed relocation. Relocating is the perfect time for stress to develop. This stress is what causes moving anxiety.

Symptoms of moving anxiety

The symptoms of moving anxiety will be clear as day:

  • problematic sleep
  • headache
  • problematic concentration and difficult decision making
  • problematic sleep

Anxiety comes in attacks. Here is how you will know it is an anxiety attack:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Respiratory problems
  • Shaking
  • Confusion
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Symptoms of moving anxiety can easily be noticed.

What can we do to prevent moving anxiety from appearing?

Regular walks around the new or the old neighborhood. This way the person will be able to either meet the new neighborhood or say goodbye to the old one. Plus, any form of physical activity will be more than welcome while moving. Moving tires out the body and the mind. That is why you have to eat extra healthy during your relocation. Start eating more fruits and vegetables, drink more water. Reduce or completely stop using nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. These things ruin your body and this is not the time to be doing this to yourself. A good sleeping habit is also very important when an elderly person is moving. Overall you have to be very careful about your mind and your body.

Long distance relocations are the most common reason for moving anxiety.

Reduce stress as much as possible

Reducing stress can be done in many ways. Getting a massage is just one of the ways. And it is very effective. And so is exercising. Reducing stress during a move can be done if you decide to hire movers. Relocation professionals offer various services. A moving company is able to help you a lot. Some moving companies offer the option to pack your belongings with your instructions.

As soon as you start to notice the symptoms you have to start to act

If you’ve done everything you could to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally and you still develop moving anxiety, seek help immediately. It’s important to act fast. As time goes by, it will only get worse. Seeing a therapist or counselor has been proved to be the most effective way to cure moving anxiety. Talk therapy is a great way to let out your thoughts. Some people opt for complementary treatments and medications. Some of these medications have helped many people but if possible avoid taking them. It is always healthier to deal with it the natural way. Like we said exercise, eat healthily, stay hydrated.

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As soon as you see the symptoms, seek help.

How to help an elderly person deal with moving anxiety?

Talk to them, see how they are doing. The first few weeks of life in the new home or new city are the toughest to handle. Offer to come over for a few days and help to unpack. It’s not easy to unpack everything and put it in its place. They will definitely need help with those things. Spending time with your family members is very important once you are done with the move. If you are unable to go and spend some time with your parents, grandparents make sure you call regularly. It will mean a lot to them and they will be thankful. Knowing that someone cares for you sometimes means more than talking to therapists and drinking medicines. This is much harder to do than to help a toddler adjust after moving.

Yoga, breathing exercises and more

Yoga is a great stress reliever. It is calm and it will make the stress go away. Breathing exercises are very interesting and suitable for elderly people to do as they can be done anywhere. Classical music has been proven to reduce stress and tension and it will also help with removing the moving anxiety. A great idea for a spare room in your home if you have one is to turn it into a relaxing room. Put out some candles, a dim light, get some yoga mats and you are done. Don’t forget to play some relaxing classical music in the background.

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Yoga may not be for everyone but it can help an elderly person deal with moving anxiety a lot. So if you are able to do it, we highly suggest it.


In conclusion, moving anxiety can happen to anyone no matter how old you are. So it is very important to try to avoid getting it in the first place. Staying healthy and active should always be your number one priority. Having a healthy sleeping is also very important. Seek help as soon as you notice the first signs and always be on the lookout for them. Helping an elderly person deal with moving anxiety is nowhere near easy, so don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. And by someone, we mean a professional such as a therapist or a counselor. They will be able to help you a lot more.

Hopefully, we helped you and you learned how to help an elderly person deal with moving anxiety. Follow these tips and you or your loved ones will feel much better very fast.

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