Hollywood vs. South Beach

Hollywood vs. South Beach – where to live?

If you are moving and you are not sure whether you should move to Hollywood or South Beach then we can try and help you with that decision, by listing some pros and cons for both places. At the end of the day, it is all up to you. What you have to know is that this decision is not easy. Hollywood vs. South Beach. Not an easy task. Both places are beautiful but they do have their flaws. Based on the pros and cons you can decide what do you like more.

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Streets of Hollywood

Streets of Hollywood are filled with palm trees.

Hollywood pros

When someone mentions Hollywood, people immediately think about famous actors. Hollywood is a legit association to that. However, this is not what Hollywood is all about. There are other things that make Hollywood what it is, a fun and exciting place to live in:

  • Warm weather
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Cultural differences
  • Different languages
  • Everyone dresses casually
  • People who live in LA are very physically active
  • So many great restaurants and cafe’s
  • And last but not least, you can meet your favorite actor just by sitting in a restaurant

These are only some of the reasons why to choose Los Angeles to live in. Casual lifestyle can help you feel stress-free. Although, you have to know that, as in any other city, you have to find a good job to support yourself and your family. Standard is a bit different and more expensive. So, if you want to assimilate to that way of living in Hollywood LA you have to be ready to find a job with which you will be able to cover your living costs.

Hollywood cons

There are cons for living in Hollywood LA. Of course, there are, nowhere is perfect. You can get overwhelmed with everything that happens there, in one day. It can get really hectic. Crowds are something normal, especially when there is some premier, of some really famous movie. A lot of famous people gathered in one place means only one thing. Streets will be closed, and the ones that are open for traffic will most certainly be overcrowded with cars. So, if you decide to live in Hollywood LA you have to arm yourself with patience because you will need it. Also, be prepared to drive around looking for a free space to park at your favorite place to eat. It will get crowded as well. So, yes, the point is, that when living in Hollywood you have to be calm and patient. Especially when looking for a parking space.

South Beach pros

What to say about South Beach? If you have been there at least one time so far then you know just how beautiful it can be. When thinking about Hollywood vs. South Beach it can be really complicated to choose. Especially when you know that South Beach is so much fun. From the moment you get up out of the bed until you go to sleep again, it is all fun. Even the working hours won’t be hard when you know that the moment you finish the work you will get in your bathing suit on and go to the beach. It is always sunny, and people around you will seem happier then you use to see. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are fit, tanned, and happy with the life they are leading in South Beach.

Florida beach

Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

One thing that you can do, if you are in such a situation, of course, is investing in a beach house after moving to Miami. If you are going to own a property in Miami, it is best to have a house on the beach. This is a dream for many people. Also, there is a serious side to South Beach, it doesn’t have to be all fun and games if you are not in the mood. There are museums, some great schools, and libraries as well. So, when you feel like wanting to read some great book or just spend a day in a great Museum you will have a perfect, calm place to go.

Hollywood vs. South Beach, are there any cons to living in South Beach?

There are cons for living in South Beach believe it or not. Nothing major of course. However, there are pros and cons for everything in life, so maybe there are cons for living in South Beach as well. In the battle Hollywood vs. South Beach, either one can win. However, when it comes to reasons why you shouldn’t live in South Beach there aren’t many. The main reason can be the same as for Hollywood LA. It can get pretty crowded.

South Beach

Living in South Beach can make your summers the best ones yet

However, it seems as people who live in South Beach are way more relaxed and patient than the people who live in Hollywood. So, we can take that as an advantage for South Beach. South Beach seems like a great place to live in. If you feel like you cannot fit there easily, you should know that by living there, you will start having a healthier way of life, and you will see things differently. Not everything has to revolve around work, therefore you will fit in perfectly.

When it comes to Hollywood vs. South Beach choice is not easy. Any move, requires you to lose some nerves over it, especially when you are not even sure where do you want to move. If you are moving to South Beach, make sure to pack all of your belongings properly. If you have too many moving boxes to bring with you, you can obtain additional space for your belongings in South Florida. A professional moving service is there to help you find a perfect storage solution. Whether you settle down in Hollywood or South Beach, at the end of the day, you won’t be wrong. Hollywood and South Beach are both great places to live in.

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