Question mark - how to help your movers?

How to help your movers?

During relocation, we try to organize the moving process the best we can. When professional movers arrive on a moving day, we try to do as much as we can to help them. But what we do may not be as helpful as we believe. That is why we have asked movers about the best way to help them during the move. Here are some tips and advice about ways to help your movers during the relocation process.

How to help your movers when packing by yourself


On a moving day comes you can prepare for your movers and label all of your boxes.

Your movers will be more than happy if they arrive and your boxes are ready for the move to begin. If you decide to pack by yourself, you can speed up the moving process and save money when moving to Hollywood on a tight budget. On the other hand, you can help your movers at the same time if you follow few packing rules and tips. To pack as a professional make sure to use new or barely used moving boxes. The boxes you use should be sturdy and safe to keep your items secure during transport. When you use new boxes make sure to also use the other professional packing materials.

Consider that sometimes if the damages happen you may difficulty getting insurance if you pack by yourself. That is why you should hire professional movers when you move to Hollywood as an aspiring actor.

Before the moving day comes you can prepare for your movers and label all of your boxes. That way, the movers will know where to put each box in your new Hollywood residence. That will speed up the moving process and save your movers time. Also, help your movers and tell them about any special items of great value. Show your movers the boxes with those items so that they can take special care.

Pack properly and save your Hollywood movers time

Your movers will advise that you take all of your important documents with you. You shouldn’t pack your jewelry, money, and passports with your other items. On the other hand, you may need your prescription medication, first aid kit, keys and your toiletries with you while you travel. Make sure not to forget chargers for your phone, money and your credit cards while you pack the “essentials box” for the move.

Ask about non-transportable items before you start packing

Some items are not allowed onto the moving truck. On the other hand, other items may require special permits for transportation. That is why your movers have the list of items they won’t relocate. You will help your movers if you don’t pack those items along with your other belongings. If you do, you may cause delays and add additional costs to you move. To avoid moving mistakes, ask your movers about non-transportable items before you start packing. Items your movers may not relocate include:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Perishable food
  • Flammables
  • Gasoline
  • Machinery that operates with fuel
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Plants
  • Chemicals
  • Pets
  • Sometimes items of high value etc.

How to help your movers if they pack your belongings?

When preparing for your moving day, make sure to get rid of those items you no longer need. Items you don’t use may add to your moving expenses. Consider decluttering your home and pack only essentials. Also, you can sell those items online or at a garage sale. That way you can even save money while moving to Hollywood.


Help your movers by taking apart the shelves and taking everything off the walls. That way you may speed up the moving process.

You can help your movers before they start packing your belongings on a moving day. Disconnect and unplug all of your electronic devices, electronics, and lamps before movers come. After you unpack it will be easier to reassemble everything if you take pictures of your electronics and cable connections.

Hollywood movers may be more efficient and work faster if you do some of the work before they come. Taking apart the shelves and taking everything off the walls can speed up the moving process. Also, if you put aside the items movers shouldn’t pack, you will help your movers better get around on a moving day.

Make sure you are ready when for your movers when you defrost your freezer. Also, consider using all of your food from the fridge. Before the moving day, your fridge should be empty and turned off. After you prepare your fridge for the move, make sure not to forget your machinery that uses gas. They also should be emptied before your movers arrive.

How to help on a moving day

Take care of all paperwork before the moving day

In case you live in a building in a major city, you may need to take care of all the necessary documentation before the move. City buildings may require “Certificate of Insurance“. You should figure out all the details with your building manager before your movers arrive. Nobody wants to deal with all the required documentation on a moving day. That may add stress and even delay the moving process.

Keep in mind that your small children or pets can be also in the way on a moving day. You cannot keep an eye on them at all times while movers carry boxes and operate around your house. That is why you should find someone to look after your children or pets on a moving day. To get the best moving experience, contact Hollywood movers and get a quote for your move.

Welcome your movers and keep refreshments available


Make sure to get refreshments for your movers while they pack your belongings.

When your movers arrive, make them comfortable and:

  • Make sure they have the water to refresh
  • Provide coffee
  • Keep plenty of hand sanitizers and paper towels at the bathroom
  • Consider the temperature of your space. If it is cold weather outside, keep space heaters. On the other hand, if it warm, set the climate control unit so it suits them, or use fans.

You shouldn’t forget to tip your movers. They will appreciate that you recognize their effort and efficiency.

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