Moving from California to Alabama – what’s to know?

These two states are completely different yet so similar. Moving from California to Alabama won’t come as a shock to many people but you will have to do some adjusting. Here you will find all the things you need to know about moving to Alabama and what it is really like living there.

The cost of living in Alabama

When compared to California, living in Alabama is free. Alabama has one of the lowest living costs in the US. But with that, the average salary is lower too. The minimum wage is around $7.25 per hour, which sounds ridiculous to someone moving from California to Alabama. But have in mind that housing is very cheap in Alabama. You can find a beautiful, big home for a small amount of money in just a few seconds if you are looking for one. And if you find one, cross country moving experts in Alabama are happy to help you with moving.

Also, there are considerably fewer people in Alabama. When compared to that of California, the population is significantly less numerous. Thus, to someone who used to live in California, this is a refreshing change. Moreover, Alabama has one of the lowest property taxes in the state. The average Alabama household pays only $530 annually in property taxes. That is one-fourth of the national average of $2,100. Understandably, one has to admit that this is highly beneficial.

Climate in Alabama

Alabama has a humid subtropical climate. This means it’s very hot during summertime and that winters are pleasant and mild. Unsurprisingly, this is something many people find great about Alabama. However, we can’t avoid mentioning the storms. Tropical storms and hurricanes occur every year in Alabama and its residents are used to it by now. The drills are performed regularly and the public is well-informed about everything that is going on. This hostile weather is not something Californians aren’t familiar with and they know how to handle a crisis. But have in mind that Alabama has 70-80 days annually with thunderstorms. That is almost three months of such weather. North part of Alabama has less of this weather, but it is also a bit colder because of the Appalachian Mountains.

thunderstorms which make moving from California to Alabama difficult to adapt to

Storms are normal in Alabama.

Food in Alabama

As someone coming from California, you are either used to fast food or really healthy food. If you are into fast food, Alabama is a place for you. In Alabama, people love fried food. So if you think exploring Cali as a foodie was fun, this will be even more fun if you are into that kind of food. But be careful, Alabama has a recorded history of obesity, due to the many fried foods. Luckily you can do many outdoor activities in Alabama because the weather is warm and nice. Sadly, Alabamians are known to be less physically active than the rest, which is really strange to hear as people there love sports events. College football to be more precise. The game between the University of Alabama and Auburn University brings together more than 100,000 fans at Bryant-Denny and Jordan-Hare stadiums.

a woman running

People in Alabama aren’t very active even though they love sports events.

Here are some types of food you can try in Alabama:

  • Fried Catfish
  • Country fried steak
  • Fried dill pickles
  • Boiled peanuts
  • Fried Chicken
  • Fried okra


There are over 1450 schools with around 750,000 students enrolled in Alabamas schools. The schools in Alabama ranked high for national averages in math, science, and reading over the past few years. Public schools have more students than private schools in the state. And there are many good colleges in Alabama too. The University of Alabama, Birmingham, Samford University, and Troy University are the top four universities in the state and there are many more. A lot of students are moving to Alabama because of these universities and the affordable cost of living, the weather, and fun. There are many festivals in Alabama that young adults enjoy visiting. When you add the awesome beaches and scenic mountains to that, you will want to live there immediately.

Alabama has a very high standard of education. And many families have been moving here because of that. Children adjust easily after moving to Alabama because the schools are very welcoming.

two children writing in a notebook at school after moving from California to Alabama

Education is really important in Alabama.

Tips on moving from California to Alabama

There are certain things you should know when you are moving from California to Alabama. The best time to move is during fall. That is the time when there is less rain and the temperatures are moderate. This is also the time when storms are less likely to hit Alabama. But have in mind that is the time when a lot of people are moving. So if you want everything to go as planned, we suggest you hire reliable movers like to help you move. This way you won’t have to stress too much about it.

Alabama is perfectly balanced between country and city and the lifestyle is less complicated.  It’s a perfect place for young families to start their new chapters. However, there are certain cons besides the unpredictable weather. Mosquitoes will be your new pets if you live in Alabama. So bring a lot of bug repellant. Also, very soon, you will notice the lack of social and nightlife. The college football games are basically the only place you can meet someone new if you aren’t a student. But the people, in general, are very nice and open in Alabama. Alabama is a multicultural state although around 60% of the population are white Americans. So if you are moving from California to Alabama, you might find this to be shocking.

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