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Moving to Linden, NJ 101

Wherever you’re moving, it’s good to have at least basic information about the place you’re moving to. The demographics, the economy, the specifics about the place, that’s what tells you how to prepare for the move. And more importantly, what to expect when you get there. It might even help solve the age-old dilemma about NYC vs NJ. So, let’s get straight to the NJ side of the coin, more precisely, to the northeastern part of it. This is moving to Linden 101.

Moving to Linden, NJ 101

In the southeast of Union County, there’s a city that got its name after linden trees. While still a part of the New York Metropolitan Area, it encompasses the area of around 11.000 square miles. What these figures don’t tell you is that in Linden, you’ll experience a mixture of city feeling and a peaceful suburban area.

Linden tree.

Linden, NJ, got its name after linden trees.

People of Linden, NJ

In Linden, NJ, live around 41.000 people. What newcomers usually notice is how friendly and kind the residents are. It might be due to the fact that the population is quite ethnically diverse. Also, did you know that the Polish-American community is quite strong here? And most importantly, with a good community and friendly neighbors, no one worries about the safety here.

New York City at night.

Linden is a part of the New York Metropolitan area, but it’s safer and away from all the noise.

The cost of living and the economy in Linden, NJ

The average income in Linden is around 63.000 dollars. When it comes to property prices, you can own an average home for the price of around 265.000 dollars, or rent a place for around 1.200 dollars. And when it comes to the economy in Linden, several facilities play an important role here:

  • refining facility here that is the second largest in the East Coast of the US
  • a huge pharmaceutical company is located here
  • manufacturing factory that produces parts for vehicles

Raising a family

It’s hard finding the right place to raise your kids. While having to work, but still wanting the best for your kids, a certain balance needs to be made. Fortunately, if you want to raise a family in a peaceful and friendly place, moving to Linden is the best decision for you. Clean neighborhoods and safe parks with town events make Linden great for people with kids. Also, public schools are more than decent here. Your kids will be provided with a loving and caring school environment. The only thing left for you to do is go to, where you’ll find a good moving company, and come here. Soon, you’ll find a city with its airport and a great access to the transportation system but still with peaceful and quiet neighborhoods.

Hiring a moving company

If all of the above sounds just what you want, you have two options. The first is the DIY move, which might be more stressful than you think. However, the other option is hiring a good moving company to help you share the burden. For this reason, it might be smarter to move to Union County with experienced NJ movers.

Just what you need

It’s always good to explore your option when moving. However, you might’ve just found the right place for you. Peaceful, but not boring, separate, but not isolated, Linden is a nice, balanced out city, that gives you a bit of both. And you will enjoy it for sure after moving to Linden.


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