Moving to North Miami Beach from Hollywood

Moving to North Miami Beach from Hollywood

Moving to North Miami Beach from Hollywood? This long distance moving can bring many challenges. So, if you want to do it quickly, easily and smoothly then you should consider hiring North Miami Beach movers for your relocation. When you have great moving services and trustworthy movers, relocating from Hollywood to North Miami Beach is a relaxing experience.

If you want to prepare yourself for this relocation, remember our moving tips and tricks.

Pick reliable moving company when moving to North Miami Beach from Hollywood

When moving to South Florida, make sure to choose the best moving company for your relocation. So, start yours with your search on time. Check online references, reviews, and recommendations about moving companies. The stories from past clients can give you an insight on moving companies. Remember that this research is a serious task, it is very important to find reliable movers and to avoid moving scams. So start calling moving companies and ask them about:

  • Moving insurance and license
  • Packing services
  • Moving to North Miami Beach from Hollywood costs
  • Organization
  • Storage options
Leaving Hollywood and moving to North Miami Beach

Moving from Hollywood to North Miami Beach requires well-prepared plans

Easy packing tips for North Miami Beach relocation from Hollywood

If you ever moved before you will know that packing process can be very hard and time-consuming process. So, when you are relocating from Hollywood to North Miami Beach you should start packing on time. You need to prepare everything in advance. You have to buy packing materials and moving boxes. And, if the packing process seems to you like a very hard task to complete, consider hiring professional packers. They will pack and unpack your things easily and quickly. So, you can just sit and relax and research North Miami Beach before you relocate there.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Before you start packing make sure to get rid of stuff you no longer need. Throw away or sell or donate things you won’t use in North Miami Beach. In this way, you will cut your moving cost but you will also have easier packing process. You should pack stuff you really need for your relocation. For example, you can make garage sale and sell all the unnecessary stuff to your neighbors and earn money for your North Miami Beach relocation.

Sell stuff you no longer need before packing for relocation

Get rid of unnecessary stuff on your garage sale

Be Ready With Quality Packing Materials

When leaving Hollywood and packing your stuff for North Miami Beach, you need to get right packing materials for this process. It is very important to pack your stuff properly, especially fragile and valuable things. Your moving boxes and packing materials should be quality if you don’t want to risk damages to your stuff. Make sure to provide:

  • Quality packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tapes
  • Moving boxes

Cut moving costs: get free moving boxes

If you want to save some money and to cut moving costs, you can try to get free moving boxes in Hollywood. But keep in mind to check all used boxes so they don’t have any damages. You can find them in local grocery stores, liquid stores, restaurants, bars, bookstores, online, etc.

Also, when it comes to packing moving boxes, you should pack heavy stuff in light small boxes. But, lighter stuff you can pack in big boxes.

When moving from Hollywood buy moving boxes for packing process

Get free moving boxes or buy new ones when moving to North Miami Beach

Be ready if you decide to pack yourself

If you don’t want to hire professional help for packing process, then you should pack everything before the Miami movers arrive or before you get the truck. Also, don’t forget to disassemble furniture and to pack all the parts from it. Everything should be taped and wrapped so your stuff can be properly protected during the move from Hollywood to North Miami Beach. When you are well organized you will not spend too much money and time on movers. Remember that they charge by the hour.

Load into sections

In case of a DIY move, you need to know how to load the moving truck. You need to think about space in the truck and what is the best way to load your stuff. It is very important to load in sections: first, you should load the heaviest items then the easier things.

Storage options when moving to North Miami Beach from Hollywood

If you have stuff you don’t want to sell or donate and you want some safe place to keep your stuff for a while, storage facilities are the best option.

Using storage facilities when moving from Hollywood to North Miami Beach will seriously help to reduce moving day stress. You can be sure your stuff is safe and in good condition. You can rent storage units for short or long time, it is your decision. Also, if you need a climate controlled space for your stuff, you can ask for it. All your stuff in storage facilities will be wrapped safely in furniture pads, shrink-wrap, and mattress covers.

So, if you are downsizing or you just want to put your extra stuff somewhere safe, self-storage units are the place for your belongings and valuables.

You can find any type of storage unit you need – the extra security, climate controlled, specific size, etc.

The cost of living: Difference between North Miami Beach and Hollywood

When you relocate from Hollywood to North Miami Beach you should know what to expect from the cost of living in North Miami Beach. You should know that there is no big difference between these two places. Maybe just monthly utilities are for 14% lower in North Miami Beach than in Hollywood. All other costs for food, etc. are similar in these two places.  For example, 1L of milk cost same 0.98$ in both places, just like taxi start which is 2.95$ in North Miami Beach and in Hollywood.

To summarize, moving to North Miami Beach from Hollywood can be exciting and comfortable when you have professional help. With the reliable moving company, your stress will be reduced. Just good preparation, research and professional help will make moving to sunny North Miami Beach a smooth transition.

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