UCLA building

Moving from Florida to California for college

Simply saying that moving away to college is thrilling doesn’t even begin to describe the whole experience. The entire process from being accepted to the move itself is brim-full of emotions and is bound to change you. Moving for college is an initiation of a sort: leaving behind your safety net and support structure and embracing your decision-making,

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view of Santa Barbara

5 Reasons To Move To Santa Barbara

Are you thinking of moving to coastal California but want to escape the bustle of a busy city? Then Santa Barbara might just be the perfect solution for you. Not only is ‘The American Riviera’ an idyllic small-town seaside heaven but it’s a culturally rich city as well. And even if you miss the buzzing atmosphere

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Long-distance family relocation to Brooklyn

Let’s face it – long distance moving is never easy, no matter where you’re going; that’s why many people are intimidated by the process. But that’s true even if you’re about to relocate somewhere alone. However, when you’ve got your family with you, it’s an entirely different ordeal we’re talking about. And that’s why we’re

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