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4 places in Florida approved by Californian retirees

When you think about your golden age, you probably imagine spending it somewhere sunny. Somewhere along the seashore, with beautiful beaches and smiling people. Maybe add a margarita or two while laying on your sunbed, and there you have it. A perfect retirement plan. And what place fits this description better than Florida? And don’t worry about the move! No matter where you come from, from California or wherever you can move in no time! We’re here to help you out, not only with a guide to senior relocation but with choosing the right spot for you. Here are four places in Florida approved by Californian retirees. Let’s start.

A golden age in Sunshine State

Retiring in Florida is a dream of many. The Sunshine State is a popular destination for retirees and vacationers. For everyone to be honest. And that’s why professionals from Big Man’s Moving Company advise you to make your appointment with your movers on time. You don’t want all the good beach seats to be taken because you were too lazy to pick up the phone!

A couple of old men playing chess in one of the places in Florida
Retirement doesn’t have to be a boring game of chess

What are the best places in Florida approved by Californian retirees?

There are so many similarities between California and Florida, that moving coast to coast has never been easier. There are many places to choose from. But we have narrowed it down to the best four:

  • Sarasota
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Apollo Beach
  • Fort Myers

Let’s look into each one of them.


This popular Florida resort and retirement destination is easy to navigate and has many beaches, botanical gardens, museums, lotteries, casinos, and other attractions. It has many hotels and condo complexes, so you can stay cool on hot summer days. And Sarasota’s location makes it easy to visit other parts of Florida, too.

Fort Lauderdale

Another great place to retire is Fort Lauderdale. With a wide range of activities and attractions, including casinos, botanical gardens, beaches, and so much more, you’ll never run out of things to do. This location is also close to Orlando, making it easy for you to visit family and friends. Best of all, it’s also close to the beach, so you can enjoy the sand between those old bones!

Apollo Beach

Apollo Beach has a lot going for it when it comes to retirement. The peaceful beaches and swaying palms make it a great place to call home, and the amenities are second-to-none. From world-class golf courses and championship tennis courts to luxurious spas and upscale amenities, Apollo Beach is sure to be the envy of all other US destinations. And the best thing is that you can team up with local specialists if you choose this to be your forever home. So as you can see, Apollo Beach isn’t your average Florida retirement destination.

A man and a woman sitting on a bench in front of the sea in one of places in Florida approved by Californian retirees
Enjoy in one of the many beaches of Florida

Fort Myers is one of places in Florida approved by Californian retirees

Another great place to call home when you’re retired in Florida – is a quiet haven for families and a great place for retirees to spend the many hours they have to themselves. With miles of sandy beaches and a laid-back atmosphere, this is the perfect place to read a book, or just relax on the porch. It’s also close to the other popular retirement destinations, making it easy for you to visit family and friends. You’ll never be bored in Fort Myers.

Being happy never gets old!

So if you’re looking for places in Florida approved by Californian retirees, but still with a little kick, these places are more than enough to give you all the best at your best age. And with some moving tips, you’ll be laying on a sandy beach in no time! Enjoy your golden age!

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