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6 things to know before moving to Kern County, CA

California is known for people with a relaxed attitude and beautiful sunny weather. Because of these qualities, there are many amazing places where you can live. Most people choose Los Angeles or San Francisco when they decide to move to California. But we think you should consider Kern County for your new home. Moving Company Hollywood will tell you about six things to know before moving to Kern County, CA. By the end, you will know what to expect when you arrive in Kern County. 

Learn about the cost of living before moving to Kern County, CA 

When moving to any new location, you should know how much it will cost you to live there. You do not want to move to a place where you can not afford to live. Therefore, the first thing we will talk about is the cost of living in Kern County. 

The cost of living in Kern County is below the average of the state and the country. A low cost of living is rare in California, so you have hit a financial jackpot by wanting to move to Kern County. Let’s see how affordable Kern County is:

  • First, by moving to Kern County, CA, you will spend 7% less on groceries;
  • Second, healthcare is about 4% less costly;
  • Third, utilities are actually 10% more expensive in Kern County
  • Fourth, transportation is 30% more expensive in California.
  • Fifth, housing is 145% less expensive in Kern County. We will talk more about real estate in the next paragraph. 

jar that says savings, learn about moving to Kern County, CA
Since Kern County is so affordable you will have a chance your savings.

To conclude, life in Kern County is overall 52% less expensive than the average in California. So if you would like to have more money to spend and save, Kern County is an ideal option. You should let pros from the area help with moving you into your new place in Kern County. 

Cost of housing in Kern County

When it comes to spending, the biggest money eater is usually rents or mortgages on a home. About 30% of your salary goes on rent and a mortgage. Of course, a mortgage is an investment but it also carries risk and more responsibility. If you want to pay a reasonable amount for rent, Kern County is the perfect place for you. 

While the median home cost in California is around 685,000 dollars in Kern County, it is only 284,000 dollars. You can buy a much nicer and large home in Kern County while reducing your monthly mortgage. 

a gray home
By moving to Kern County, CA you can buy a beautiful home because they are affordable.

But if you are not ready to buy, renting is also cheaper in Kern County. Rent goes between 700-1,750 dollars in Kern County. The average in California is between 1,300 and 3,000 dollars. Therefore, if you are buying or renting, Kern County is more affordable. Help your movers on moving day and arrive quickly in your place in Kern County. 

Learn about safety before moving to Kern County, CA

When people choose a place to move, an important factor is the safety of the area. Kern County does not have excellent numbers when it comes to violent crimes and property crimes. They are slightly bigger than the average of the county but not that much that you have to worry about it. 

But this does not have to discourage you from relocating to Kern County, you can find many places with below-average crime rates. So pick a good moving company and come to Kern County. 

The economy of Kern County 

Your new living area should have a good economy and provide you with plenty of well-paid job opportunities. The fourth thing we will talk about is the economical situation of Kern County.

One of the top profitable industries in Kern County is agriculture. The main product of the sector is almonds – over 100 million pounds a year. 

There is also aerospace and military. There are government facilities like Edwards Air Force Base, where they develop and test flight systems. Another one is China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, where they test and research programs for the US navy. 

The biggest park of Kern County’s economy is petroleum. Kern County is the biggest producer of oil in the state. If you want to join the Kern County economy move there. Since you are moving to California we can recommend to deal with your relocation problems. And if they do not meet your needs, we encourage you to carefully search the Internet for another crew.

Learn about the protected areas of Kern County 

We already said that Kern County produces a lot of oil. And because of the large oil production, there is pollution. To prevent pollution of beautiful nature spots, there are many protected areas in the county. There are seven nationally protected areas in Kern County. When you come to Kern County, you can come, and visit protected areas like Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge or Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge. 


For any individual that has an office job, the most stress full things are the daily commute. As we have seen, Kern County has many job opportunities, but you will need to commute. You will be happy to hear that commute time in Kern County is below the country’s average.

 It will take 23 minutes to reach your workplace in Kern County, while the national average is 26 minutes. You will probably need to drive to your workplace. Around 89 percent of the residents of Kern County drive their cars to work. The public transport system is not developed. If you want to be eco-friendly, you can carpool as 13% of the residents. Since most of the jobs in Kern County are in agriculture and oil, there is a slim chance that you will work from home.

cars in traffic
In Kern County, your commute time will be lower.


These are the 6 things to know before moving to Kern County, CA. The information we have given you about Kern County should prepare you to tackle daily life in your new home.

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