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7 Tips for LA Relocation During Holidays

Moving out and settling into a new home during the holidays can definitely be an overwhelming time for anyone. Whether it is a long-distance move or a local LA relocation, tasks can easily add up throughout this festive period. The number one thing that will ease the stress of relocating while guiding you with various tips and strategies for a successful move is a moving plan. With a solid moving to LA plan, you can organize the entire move with a reliable timeline all the while maximizing efficiency and focus throughout. Therefore, without any further ado, we introduce you to our tips for LA relocation during holidays.

LA Relocation during holidays

As we highlighted above, a moving plan is both necessary and beneficial for any type of move. With so many things to remember and plan ahead, an LA relocation plan will be your guide towards staying organized and efficient. In addition, it is very helpful to make a checklist you can go through as your move comes along. This way you can focus on one task at a time, while still being aware of everything that is yet to be completed. 

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Start your LA move right with a good moving plan!

Time is Everything 

As your plan is getting constructed, it’s important to keep in mind a workable timeline for your LA relocation. Time is money, therefore it’s important that you organize it well. The holiday season definitely gets busier, which means it becomes more expensive. Holiday commitments can definitely stack up during this season, therefore thinking ahead and communicating will help you set up a moving timeline that works well for everyone involved. 

Budget Goal

The holiday season is the season of giving gifts! With an LA relocation down the road and holiday shopping, your wallet can take a big hit. Hence, have a budget! Staying within your budget might be difficult. However, it will help you stay cost-efficient and maybe even save a few dollars throughout the process. 

An illustration of the key elements you need to pay attention to during your LA relocation during holidays
Having a budget when moving is essential and beneficial. Evaluate your finances and come up with a reasonable number.

For example, as you rely on your plan and budget, it’s time to consider whether you will be hiring a moving company or pulling a DIY move. If you can afford to hire professional assistance, it’s essential to do it well ahead of time. With research prior to moving, you can make sure you get the best offer and an efficient team of professional movers. It will make a difference having someone to rely on for your belongings to be delivered safely and securely. 


In addition to hiring a reliable moving company, it’s important to ensure that they are insured. Knowing that your items are being safely delivered is essential. If a situation occurs where your belongings get damaged, the moving company will cover some of the expenses. Therefore, when you get in touch with goodneighborsmoving.com make sure to discuss their terms and conditions, while also talking about their fees. Communication is key to a successful LA relocation during holidays. 

Declutter First!

We all know that packing is an important stage of moving. As a result, before you begin the repetitive process of packing your belongings, we suggest that you first declutter your current home. Getting rid of excess items will help you pack faster and more efficiently. Start going room by room and categorize your piles of items you plan to either throw out, donate, sell or store for later! 

A girl getting ready to write down a plan for her LA relocation during holidays.
When decluttering, have a plan in motion. Set up different piles such as garbage, donation, or storage!

Moving with fewer items will definitely make your LA relocation lighter and simpler. Therefore, if there are particular items you don’t want to get rid of at the moment, you can always place them in storage for a later time.  The key is to look for a storage unit in Los Angeles where you can keep extra items safe and secure. This way you don’t have to pack them right away, and you can be at ease and know that the items are being safely kept. 

Packing 101

After decluttering, you will notice that packing will be much easier. With more space for you and the movers to maneuver around, the more efficient the overall process becomes! The key to good packing is to have all the necessary packing materials and supplies prior to starting. Then, go room by room and keep your packed items categorized. Don’t forget to label each and every box as it will help your movers know what they are lifting and moving, and it will also help you unpack much faster. 

Being that it is the holiday season and a move can get hectic, pack your tree and decorations separately. Then, ask the movers to leave it in your new living room. This way you can get in that holiday spirit and have your tree up, all the while settling into your new house and making it feel like a home. 

Los Angeles Vibes

Moving can get a little hectic at times, but it is also a very exciting time as well. An LA relocation during the holidays will definitely keep you busy. Therefore, planning everything ahead of time is necessary. Here are the top seven tips to ensure that your move to Los Angeles is simple and orderly: 

  1. Always have a plan to use as a guide throughout moving.
  2. Set a timeline for your relocation as it will help you breakdown your plan more evenly while helping you visualize the beginning, middle, and end of this process. 
  3. Set up a budget for your holiday relocation so that you can keep your finances intact throughout moving and after you begin settling in. 
  4. Hire a reliable and professional moving company that can assist you with your move to LA. An efficient team of professionals will be better equipped for this task at hand. 
  5. Always make sure your movers are insured for your items’ security and safety. 
  6. Decluttering before packing is the best way to prepare and make the process much less complicated. 
  7. Breakdown packing into multiple stages to make it easier, and ensure to categorize and label accordingly.

With these tips and your holiday enthusiasm, your move to Los Angeles will be nothing short of successful and enjoyable. 

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