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Activities for retirees in California

Have you just retired and are looking for exciting hobbies to fill your day? You’re in the right place because there is a diverse array of activities for retirees all throughout the left coast. Oh, and do we need to mention the perfect weather? Find out about the most popular activities below and get ready to enjoy your days in the California sun.

Discover Senior centers

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Connecting with the local community is very beneficial for the mental health of retirees, especially if you are new in town

The first thing you want to do is find a reputable senior center near you. You will not only have access to low cost or free activities for retirees but you’ll also make friends more easily. Programs vary between centers, so make sure you’re interested in the activities they offer. Most centers have events such as trips to museums, art classes and lectures among many others. They have charities as well, a perfect opportunity for you to downsize and prepare for relocation. Another great idea is to join a senior Meetup group, especially if you’ve just moved to the area. This is an excellent way to connect with the local community and even host your own events.

Visit Botanical gardens

If gardening is your thing or will be in retirement, then visiting some of California’s botanical oasis is imperative. You can learn more about the water and light requirements of various plants. And even if you’re not a gardening enthusiast, a walk among natural beauty is still time well spent. Here’s a top three list of must-see gardens in The Golden State:

  • San Francisco Botanical Garden – More than 8.000 different plants from around the world!
  • Santa Barbara Botanical Garden – If you want to learn all about California’s native plants, this is your stop.
  • Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens – Ocean view and picnic spot – a true paradise.

Outdoor activities for retirees

When it comes to activities for retirees, try to include as many outdoor events as you can. Spending time outside will lift your mood and is crucial for good health. Thankfully, in California, there is a plethora of activities to choose from. To start off, if are you a wine aficionado or would you like to explore California as a foodie? Then Santa Barbara is just the town for you. There are festivals happening all year round, so you’ll surely find the ones that are just your kind of fun. If you’re an active person, consider hiking trails such as Yosemite Falls Trail, where you can visit North America’s tallest waterfall. Also, check for outdoor yoga classes which could be a great opportunity to exercise in sunny weather.

seniors hiking in a forest

Hiking is among the best activities for retirees out there with numerous health benefits

Take up a new hobby

Now that you have plenty of free time, you can make friends in a new city. Or, you can pick up all those artistic hobbies you’ve been meaning to learn since forever. As far as activities for retirees go, crafts are the most useful ones. Make sure to visit classes that give you tools and experience needed, whether it’s glass blowing or creating jewelry. Another excellent hobby is chess. It not only improves your cognitive functions but also helps keep your memory sharp. There are many groups that provide spaces for seniors to play chess – all you need to do is ask.



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