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Best ideas for family fun in Los Angeles

Do you want to spend some quality time with your children? Then you should plan something special so the whole family can enjoy it. It is comfortable to stay in and play some board games or watch TV. However, why not make the most of a beautiful spring day and organize a family trip? Los Angeles could be an interesting destination for your family since there are many things to see and do. If you lack inspiration at the moment and cannot think of interesting ideas for your trip, do not worry. Here are the best ideas for family fun in Los Angeles.

Griffith Park

There is something for everyone in Griffith Park.

  • Hollywood Sign – a great opportunity to try hiking to the most famous sign in the United States, where once you reach the top, you can enjoy the aerial view of the city.
  • Griffith Observatory – a space observatory, planetarium, and astronomy museum and it is all for free.
  • Griffith Park Pony Rides – your children can choose whether they want to ride a slow, medium or fast ponies.
  • Train rides – there are not one, but three different rides to choose from: the L.A. Zoo Choo Choo train, small train starting from Travel Town, and a large locomotive at the Griffith Park & Southern Railroad.

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

Now onto something educational for family fun in Los Angeles. The Huntington consists of a large library, three art galleries, and a botanical garden. The library has a considerable collection of rare books. Your family will have a chance to learn something new and valuable if you decide to pay a visit to this library. In addition to being an educational opportunity, you can have some fun here as well. You can explore Chinese, Japanese, rose, and desert gardens. It sure does sound quite unique and intriguing. For little ones, they should go to the Helen and Peter Bing Children’s Garden since there they can play in the water, visit a circular rainbow room, and climb through a prism tunnel.


Chinese lamps hanging in the garden

You can take a stroll through the Chinese garden and learn more about their culture

El Capitan Theatre

Family fun in Los Angeles is in El Capitan Theatre. The theatre was opened way back in 1926. Today, it is fully restored and it hosts various shows geared towards different age groups. For you, “Tiny Tot Tuesdays” will be interesting since it is organized for families with small children. It promises an unforgettable movie experience with live singing, Disney cast members and confetti falling from the ceiling. Additionally, this theatre serves as a venue for many premiers of the famous Disney films.

The Los Angeles Public Library

If you are a family of book lovers, then head to the Public Library for some family fun in Los Angeles. You can get lost among the endless rows of this library while trying to choose just one perfect novel among so many. While browsing, you can enjoy the view of the colorful California history murals. If you are not in the mood for reading, you can always listen to someone else as they organize numerous story times.

Annenberg Community Beach House

Annenberg Community Beach House is located at Santa Monica State Beach. This was originally a private mansion with 100 rooms and a swimming pool. However, now you can come to spend a relaxing weekend with your family. They have children’s play area, pools, a gallery, and a guest house. Additionally, you can play volleyball or soccer on their sports fields. This can be a perfect opportunity to divide your family into two teams and see who will win. Annenberg Community Beach House also serves as a great getaway for entertaining your children when you are moving.

people walking on the beach as the Sun sets behind them

Spend a relaxing weekend at the beach

Madame Tussauds Hollywood Museum

Where can you see all the famous actors, singers and movie characters in the one place? The answer is the Madame Tussauds Hollywood Museum. You can see the wax replicas all the famous people from the entertainment industry. However, this might not be exciting for younger ones. That is why there is a section dedicated to the Marvel Superheroes where your children can meet their favorite superheroes from this movie franchise. For parents, they can take the walk down the memory line and start from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Young adults can enjoy the Virtual room where they can play virtual games, the most exciting one being to form a crew of superheroes and to save the world. This is just one of the many best Hollywood museums.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Family fun in Los Angeles means visiting the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. You can see the impressive exhibition with more than 35 million objects. The children will enjoy the stunning collection of massive dinosaurs. However, not only large dinosaurs are interesting since in this museum you can see tiny chairs for tiny people. Your children will also have the opportunity to try to do an experiment in a real laboratory if they visit the Nature Lab.

see the remains of the dinosaur as a part of family fun in Los Angeles

Visit the dinosaur exhibition

Aquarium of the Pacific

For animal lovers, there is the Aquarium of the Pacific for your family. They have more than 11,000 animals in over 50 exhibits. A truly good place to spend the whole day for family fun in Los Angeles. Not only you can see the animals, but you will have the chance to meet them up close. This includes feeding sea lions, touching sharks or hanging out with penguins. After all this family fun in Los Angeles, you might even decide to move. If that happens, then consider hiring Supreme Moving and Storage for professional help and assistance.

Family Fun in Los Angeles

As you can see, these are just some options for the family fun in Los Angeles for you. Do not miss the opportunity to see something exciting, to learn new interesting facts from history and most importantly, to spend valuable time with your family.

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