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Best Los Angeles neighborhoods for Hong Kong expats

Moving to Las Angeles can be a very exciting moment for you and your family. However, it can be also quite a culture shock as well. Especially, if moving to LA from an overseas country. That is why your Hong Kong relocation to California can cause a big commotion. One of the biggest challenges that you will have on your plate is choosing the perfect area for your new home. That is why we are sharing with you the best Los Angeles neighborhoods. Each and every one of the following areas has something special to offer to you as an expat.

A LA beach that you can visit after you move to one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
In LA a there is a beach near by wherever you reside. You can be sure that you will never again experience a lack of vitamin D.

Best Los Angeles neighborhoods for international newcomers

Some LA neighborhoods are great for seniors, some are perfect for families with children, while there are also those suitable for young individuals that like to have an exciting social life. It is true when they say LA has a little bit to offer to everybody. This is great news because everyone can find exactly what they have been looking for. So, before you set your sight on a specific neighborhood, here are a few ideas to get your search going.

Riverside County

We are jump-starting our best Los Angeles neighborhoods with a place best suitable for young professionals that are looking to live near fun amenities. As a Hong expat this area will automatically introduce you to the excitement of the Californian bar and restaurant scene. Also, most residents of Riverside rent their properties which is excellent to do. Basically, you are taking this area for a spin before you decided which is the most appropriate place for you to call home. If you decide to move to Riverside, you can rest easy knowing that the locals are the best assistance.

Bel-Air & Beverly Hills

If you want to live next to the creme de la creme this is where you need to be. If this is the place where you plan on buying your first California home, be prepared to drop a large bucket of money towards this investment. No wonder this is known as one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles, since many celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, and many more rich and influential people call it their home. For those that want to live luxuriously after moving from Hong Kong, this is the place to be.

A guy in green pants in front of the famous Beverley Hills hotel.
Living in Beverley Hills will give you a chance to be close to the world renowned Beverley Hills Hotel.

Downtown Los Angeles

For those that like to live in an urban setting, this just might be the ideal fit. This area wasn’t as popular in the past decade. However, it made a serious comeback. It is filled with restaurants, cafes, art establishments, and everything else that an urban and hip setting might contain. It is an excellent choice for all that want to experience the cool and metropolitan things that LA has to offer.

Echo Park

If you are looking for a charming Hollywood neighborhood for families with kids, you just found it. Sure you want to live next to a park so you can enjoy it with your kids and even with your pet if you bring it from Hong Kong. But, there are other benefits to this neighborhood as well. Echo Park is still not as expensive as it should be. So, it is a great spot for foreign newcomers that haven’t sorted out their job situation. Also, it is a diverse area. Consequently, it might be easier to settle in and even start bonding with the locals.


We just could have a list of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles without mentioning Glendale. Are you wondering how all American living looks like? Well, this neighborhood will give you a taste of it in no time. This area is great for families with children. The crime rates are low and the public school system is excellent. If you want a great home for your kiddos, this can be your number one choice. Living in Glendale can be pretty spectacular.

Avoid the stress of an international relocation

Any move must be planned well in advance. Nevertheless, when moving overseas you need to put the pedal to the metal. There should be no dilly-dallying. Especially, if you are relocating with your entire family. It is safe to say that it is never too early to start planning. For starters, you should make sure all your needed documentation is in perfect order. Starting with your passport. Then you need to pack, look for housing in LA and so much more. If you decide to leave all these moving chores as a last-minute arrangement be prepared to feel the raft. Your stress levels will be through the roof. That is why you should be prepared on time and enjoy the ride.

A view out of an airplane window during a flight.
During your preparations don’t forget to check out airplane tickets. If purchased last minute, you might be forced to pay high flying rates.

Hire help for your international California move

Why would you struggle on your own when you can team up with experienced professionals. We already talked about all the things you will need to do before your trip. Still, there are things that you do not need to do on your own. Professional movers can help you pack, store items, ship them to your new home, and many other things that are related to your move. All you need to do is choose movers that are punctual, reliable, and affordable. Of course, don’t forget to double-check do they have experience with international relocations.


Between our best neighborhoods in Los Angeles and an exceptional real estate agent, there is no doubt that you will find an excellent California home to move to. When it comes to real estate and neighborhoods in LA the sky is the limit. However, make sure you do one thing before moving and renting or buying your future American home. Do extensive research. This way you can be certain you will make the best possible choice for yourself and your family. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the ride. Living in the City of Angels will surely be a memorable experience.

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