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Best moving season that makes that super easy relocation possible

Before relying on our experience and handy tips, you should consider that:

  • Your unique needs in terms of your living situation, 
  • Individual budget flexibility,
  • And house condition preferences

are what will decide on your best moving season dilemma. Late fall, winter or early spring move will save you money. Families with school kids should opt for a summertime move.

Maybe fall is the best moving season?

Moving in the autumn months has certain advantages. Temperatures are cooling down which may be what makes fall the best moving season. Also, you will be feeling right at home by Christmas time all cozy in your new place. But the best part of this cool season is an opportunity of an easier home buying experience because peak season ends late summer, so you may find a better deal on a home.

House door and pumpkins

By the end of the year, you can be enjoying the new home, all snuggled up and settled in during Christmas fever.

On the other hand, if you have school-age children, this is a difficult time for family relocation. This is especially true if the move involves changing schools.

Could winter be the best moving season?

Winter is the best moving season by far because it’s much cheaper than other seasons. Less demand for moving companies consequently means lesser costs for customers. Talking about affordable rates, go to this amazing website nextphasemove.com, and get your free quotes today. Expert movers are there to meet your scheduling needs, winter or not.

Why not winter?

If you are moving to a very cold state, ice or sudden snowstorms can ruin your plans. The treacherous weather is dangerous and will disrupt the schedule, but if you are moving to California or, say, Florida, then congrats. You’ve found your ultimate best moving season and you’ll likely have a pleasant relocating experience.

Winter truck cover in snow

Ice, snow and rain can be dangerous driving conditions for movers and all of you out there planning a DIY move.

Many choose early spring as the best moving season:

The end of May actually kicks off-peak moving season, but the March, April and early May go without much demand. That’s when moving companies are cheaper and more available so this may be your best moving season.

Again, those with school-age children will have a problem moving during the spring. With exams and end of year school activities, this will not be a good time to move for families.

Is summer the best moving season though?

Real estate season peaks in the summer, and it’s a good time to sell your home. School-age children are also on their summer break, and we experience longer days with more hours in the day which means more time to pack and organize everything.

The main reason why many think summer is not the best moving season is the high price tag. About 70 percent of all moving company bookings happen from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That is also when moving company rates are at their highest. Also, hot and humid weather conditions are not ideal for relocations.

Spring time, Brown house

Whatever season you choose, make sure to seek out quotes from multiple movers. This will ensure that you receive the best price and services available.

In addition to choosing the season, you’ll save money by choosing a mid-week, mid-month date. So really plan out your moving strategy ahead. Because leases generally begin and end on the first and last weekends of the month, you’ll be better off choosing a weekday or a mid-month weekend move. 

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