The interior of a spacious, highly modern house you could consider if you want to buy a beach house in California

Best places to buy a beach house in California

This year has been very troubling for everyone. It has drained us and made life very difficult for a lot of people. This is why so many people are turning to invest in things that are going to help them relax and feel better. And having a beach home in California is certainly one of those things. A beach home means always being able to go on vacation. You won’t have to think about finding a hotel or an apartment to rent. Or you might even be thinking about moving to a beach house to get away from all the fuss that has been going on for the last couple of months. No matter what the reason is for you to buy a beach house in California, we are here to try and make this experience a lot easier and better by recommending some of the best places for doing so. Sure, all coastal towns are great but certain ones are better than the rest.

Big Sur

The Big Sur is a stretch of California’s central coast. This is a part of the coast between Carmel by the Sea and San Simeon. It is a very well-known part of California because of how beautiful it is. This is a coast where not a lot of people live. There are plenty, but not as many as in San Francisco or San Jose. And these two big cities are very close to Big Sur.

Big Sur as a great location if you want to buy a beach house in California.
Big Sur is a great part of the Californian coast to move to.

This is another thing that makes Big Sur an amazing place to buy a beach house in. There are plenty of options if buying a beach house here. After you choose from one of the following few places and you manage to find a home, the only thing you will then have to do is find experts that know the neighborhood that you are moving to in Big Sur as it will make relocation faster. And we say this because we know that one of the towns that we mention will surely be the place where you will be owning a home in the near future.

Carmel by the Sea

One of the best places in the Big Sur to invest in a home would definitely be Carmel by the Sea. This is a very small town to live in. But this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot to offer. As this is a small town, the beaches of Carmel by the Sea aren’t big and long. This is why finding a beach home might be a harder task than you might think it is. But if you don’t manage to find one yourself, you can always hire a real estate agent who will do this for you. There are a lot of homeowners that don’t want to sell their beach home over the listings as a lot of people are interested in beach properties. Selling via an agent is usually much safer and better. And this is why if planning on searching for a home by yourself you might run into some trouble.

A view of Carmel by the Sea
Carmel by the Sea is a part of the Big Sur.

It is a good thing that Carmel by the Sea offers knowledgeable professionals when it comes to buying real estate and moving. And this isn’t the only thing it offers. It offers amazing housing. Buying a luxury home is also a possibility. Although it isn’t very affordable, it truly is amazing. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars here. There is a lovely park in the town too as well as a shopping district. Living in Carmel by the Sea isn’t going to be boring. No matter what your age is.


A much bigger town to move to would be Monterey. Still not a huge one but big for certain. And one of the best places to buy a beach house in California. Monterey is where you literally have everything you need. Amazing schools are to be found in Monterey. Monterey also has its own airport which isn’t something other towns nearby can brag about. This means that if living in Monterey you will be able to travel very easily to all parts of the state and country.

Monterey is one of the best coastal towns in California.

Monterey offers a lot of fun things to see and do. Hence why a lot of young people have recently started moving here with Mod Movers Monterey CA. Living in these towns means that you’ll always have something fun to see and do. This is a city with a lot of happenings. Here is the Monterey Bay Aquarium which you definitely need to pay a visit to.

Del Monte Forest

If you really want to live in a picturesque town by the coast and enjoy looking at the endless Ocean, Del Monte Forest is for you. This is a town located on a peak of the land. Here is where the coast is a bit rocky because it is located deeper into the Ocean. This gives it a very special look. This is a town where a lot of retirees move to. This is because there are plenty of elderly people-friendly activities such as golfing and a lot of parks.

The homes in Del Monte Forest are to die for! They are all amazing, especially the ones by the sea. If you want to buy a beach house in California, this is definitely the first place to consider. It has everything you need and more and living here is very peaceful and the lifestyle is very slow-paced. This is one of the best towns to move to if moving from one coast to another.

Other towns to consider

We can’t really write about every town where buying a beach house would be a good idea as there are plenty of them. But we can mention them and make further research easier for you this way. The following few towns are amazing for retirees to move to without experiencing moving anxiety. So, here are some other Californian coastal towns to consider moving to:

  • Orick
  • Napa
  • Twentynine Palms
  • Joshua Tree
  • McKinleyville
  • Meyers
  • Mariposa
  • North Park.

Top places for relocation

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