Seattle skyline that makes you wonder what are the best Seattle neighborhoods for Californian families

Best Seattle neighborhoods for Californian families

Seattle has several fantastic neighborhoods. There’s eccentric Fremont, stylish Belltown, busy Downtown, and so on. However, neighborhoods are more than just cool coffee shops and trendy art galleries. They are about the people who inhabit them. And not everyone desires to be hip. Not everyone desires to be stylish. Affordability, education, security, and accessibility are important factors for families. So, which parts of the Emerald City are ideal for families with children? Find out, as our experts from Moving Company Hollywood list the best Seattle neighborhoods for Californian families!

Top Seattle neighborhoods for Californian families

Even though the whole of Seattle is amazing for families, these neighborhoods stand out to us.

  • Montlake
  • West Seattle
  • Laurelhurst

Now let’s go over them one by one!


Montlake is a great place for families since it is affluent, green, and has a great selection of parks, shops, and cafés. Low crime, outstanding schools, and good transportation links to the rest of the city reinforce its place as one of Seattle’s best neighborhoods. It’s not the cheapest neighborhood in Seattle to buy a home in, but the benefits significantly outweigh the expenses.

Street in Montlake which is one of the best Seattle neighborhoods for Californian families
Montlake is an amazing neighborhood filled with many different things to do!

If you decide on moving to Montlake, you should find a reputable moving company to help you out. Reputable movers from advise there are many moving experts who offer different services. If you let professionals handle this task the whole process will be much quicker and less painful.

West Seattle

West Seattle, being one of Seattle’s most family-friendly areas, checks all the criteria. Its typical house price of around $500,000 is quite reasonable by Seattle standards; its crime rate is extraordinarily low; it has some superb schools right on its doorstep; its waterfront location ensures lots of outdoor leisure choices, and its community is tight-knit and inviting. Last but not least, its event program radiates a family-friendly appeal making it one of the best Seattle neighborhoods for Californian families.


Laurelhurst is not the cheapest area in Seattle (expect to pay approximately a million dollars if you want to purchase a home and a little more than $1000 if you want to rent), but if you can stomach the price, you’re in for a treat. Unlike some other areas, which lose their feeling of community as the price tags rise, Laurelhurst has managed to maintain a close-knit, friendly culture that is ideal for families. The crime rate is virtually non-existent, and the amount of family-friendly recreational possibilities are virtually limitless.

Public market in Seattle
Laurelhurst is one of the safest areas in Seattle!

Moving to Seattle

Let’s take West Seattle for example, if you decide to move to this neighborhood, it will be a bit challenging but doable with some research. Luckily for you, you won’t have to spend too much time on that research because local experts can help! By having professional movers by your side your move will be much quicker, easier, and less stressful. That way you will be settled into your new West Seattle home in no time!

In conclusion

It is obvious why young families are leaving California when you look at neighborhoods like this! If your favorite isn’t on our list of the best Seattle neighborhoods for Californian families, don’t worry. In the end, it is up to you to decide which neighborhood you prefer, so go for it!

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