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Best way to announce Texas to California relocation

Moving to somewhere new is never easy. And this applies to both residential moving as well as commercial moving. And while these two kinds of moving don’t have much in common, they do share one thing: announcing the move can be tough. In residential moving, announcing the move to your family can be a bit difficult. In commercial moving, especially when moving your business out of state, you need to properly handle announcing the relocation to both your staff and your customers. So, in order to help you out, we have decided to make a guide to the best way to announce Texas to California relocation. We hope you find it helpful

Residential moving

Announcing that you’re moving house to your family is quite easy if it’s just you and your significant other. After all, the move should be planned by you both, so chances are they knew anyway. Then, all you have to do is prepare the move and maybe familiarize yourself with moving contracts in order to avoid some mistakes. If you have children, however, things tend to get more complicated.

family preparing for Texas to California relocation
A family relocation can be a complicated matter when you have children.

Let them know why you’re moving

Children tend to be a bit complicated when it comes to moving away. After all, they would be leaving behind the area they are familiar with as well as their friends. So, remember to outline the good when you announce your Texas to California relocation. Let them know about the much nicer weather in California and the beaches they will be able to visit.

Timing is also important. It’s universally agreed that letting your kids know as soon as you decide you are moving is the best call. You don’t need to tell your kids all the details of why you are moving, but it is important to give them time to accept it. Also, experts from remind that you shouldn’t forget to find a place for your kids on moving day. Moving day can be dangerous for them, so it’s best to keep them out of the way.

Prepare to help you children adjust

Even if you children seem like they’ve accepted the move, there will be an adjustment period once it happens. This can be a very hard time for your kids, so make sure you are prepared to help them adjust after the move. While there is no surefire way to help your kids before the move, doing your preparation beforehand can make the process much easier. If possible, look into the new area ahead of time and plan some day trips. Keeping your kids busy and distracted can help the adjustment period go by more smoothly. Of course, even with your support, the adjustment period is going to be tough on them. But, it’s still important to remember that they rely on you to help them through the tough times in life.

Adjusting to a new area can be very tough for your children, especially when moving out of state, so make sure you prepare them properly.

Commercial moving

As opposed to residential moving, moving your business is an entirely different beast. Depending on the type of business you run, California might be a much better environment for it. But, you will still be leaving behind your customers, and probably some of your workforce. It might be unfortunate, but it is a fact that some of your staff won’t be able to come with you. As such, it is important to handle the announcement well both in the office and in public.

Announcing to your workforce

When you announce the Texas to California relocation, it is important to provide all of the details to your staff. Where exactly you will be moving to, will you be providing accommodations for them, the exact changes your business will go through and, of course, the exact timeline of the move. Preferably you should also prepare printed copies which outline all of this and hand them out to your employees. Then you need to let your workforce know what they need to do to prepare. Additionally, you should let them know what they can do to help out. Get your workforce fully organized, find a reliable moving company for the move itself, then find adequate material for packing and start packing. If you do lose some employees in this process, which is very likely, then you should also plan ahead for finding replacements.

Properly informing your workforce about the relocation is a vital step to a successful announcement.

Announcing to your customers

There are a few ways to announce your relocation to your customers. The simplest one is through your social media. Since social media is, by far, one of the best marketing tools for your business, using it to announce your move. Of course, you should still send individual emails if your business is based on your subscriptions, and VIP clients should be contacted directly. These announcements should include: the new location, contact information and work hours. Also, you should try to make a few social media posts leading up to the move. Finally, it’s important to keep the announcements positive. Positivity is always good in the eyes of customers, so double down on it. Once your announcements are prepared, prepare your employees for loading moving trucks to help with the relocation and start planning the future of your business.

Best way to announce Texas to California relocation – final thoughts

An interstate relocation is very tough, both when it comes to residential and commercial moving. Of course, the two kinds of relocation have very different ways to go about announcing them. As such, whether you are moving house and need to announce the move to your family, or if you’re moving your business and need to make sure the business stays profitable, proper preparation is very important. A well done announcement will make the process much easier to go through. We hope you found this guide to the best way to announce Texas to California relocation helpful, and we wish you luck with your move.

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