Texas flag that symbolises Biggest challenges you'll face when moving from California to Texas in winter

Biggest challenges you’ll face when moving from California to Texas in winter

Moving in the winter usually carries a lot of challenges, but luckily for you, when moving from Cali to Texas winter won’t be too big of a problem. But, there are always hurdles that you will have to overcome, so let’s go on with the biggest challenges you’ll face when moving from California to Texas in winter!

Moving process

If you decide not to hire movers, prepare yourself for a lengthy drive in a U-Haul. But before starting the truck, you should learn how to load the truck like a pro for maximum efficiency! If you like driving this shouldn’t be too big of a problem. You will be driving through Nevada, so you can plan on stopping in Reno or Vegas for a break. There are also many great you will pass by so you can stop and check them out. Plan out your trip and make it an adventure for you!

Dog in a box
Moving can be very stressful if you decide to do it yourself!

The process of moving from California to Texas is a lengthy one because of the possible distance. Depending on where are you moving to in Texas the journey might be a bit lengthy. This challenge can be easily covered by hiring a professional mover. If you hire a reputable moving company like Evolution Moving, they can drive the moving truck while you get on a plane and skip the traveling part of your move from California to Texas. That way you will skip the most annoying part of moving (if you don’t count packing).

Moving out

Moving out of your place in California will take a lot of work. Packing is the most annoying part, but there are a few ways you can make it less annoying. Start packing a month before the moving day if possible, and do it systematically. Pack room-by-room and color-code each room. Packing that way along with keeping an inventory list will help you out when moving in and unpacking.

Although packing is a huge part of moving out, it is not the only part. You should cancel all of your subscriptions, change your address and prepare a moving budget. If you have kids initiate the school transfer protocols and prepare them for the move. Moving from California to Texas with kids takes some patience and understanding because they will be leaving their safe space behind. Organize a party so they can go out with a bang and say goodbye properly.

Moving in

Moving in comes with its own set of challenges. Unpacking and arranging everything can be fun if you do it properly. If you packed an essentials bag you will be set for the first couple of nights, so don’t worry about unpacking right away. Map out where you would like everything to be and start unpacking and arranging. If you are too lazy to do it yourself, you can always hire help. If you decide to engage professionals from the area to help you with unpacking, do some research and help yourself.

Family packing for moving from California to Texas
Packing will be the most tedious part of your move.

Final thoughts on your move from California to Texas

Every move comes with its challenges, but with the right preparations, they will be easy to overcome. That is why our experts from Moving Company Hollywood prepared this guide! After reading these tips you should be set for moving from California to Texas with no problems!

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