There are two people holding some cardboard boxes.

Creative ideas for leftover moving boxes

When the whole relocation process has ended up, it’s time to settle down. Arranging your clothes, your furniture, doing the decoration. In the end, it’s just a number of empty boxes you don’t know what to do with. Well, one thing is for sure- don’t throw them away. We present to you some creative ideas for leftover moving boxes.

1. Hand-made storage

When you think about how many boxes you’ll need for your move, the answer is many. That makes a lot of cardboard material after the move. But what if you can still use them without changing their original purpose? Everyone needs some additional storage place in the house. But don’t waste your money on the expensive crafted boxes and caskets. Use your own creativity instead. Take several moving boxes and decorate them with some colorful wrapping paper or several beautiful drawings. You can make a nice toy box for your children, a place to keep your documents or magazines, a storage box for your socks or belts, or the one where you can keep the New Year’s decorations and stuff.

There are two cardboard boxes packed to look like presents, a great and useful idea for leftover moving boxes.
Don’t throw away-reuse.

2. Useful home crafts

If you like making things out of nothing, you’ll be happy to learn how to reuse your leftover boxes after the move. Get scissors and some glue and design your own picture or mirror frame. Use some colors and plastic pearls, or employ a decoupage technique to make them fit your interior. What’s more, if you have time, you can also make decorations for your future parties, such as flower garlands or napkin rings. These items can cost you a lot in a store, but this way you get them practically for free.

3. Playful art – a creative idea for leftover moving boxes

Now, this is something parents would love the most. Take your moving cardboard material and create some toys or educational games for your little ones. Search the internet for some tutorials and learn how to make a cute dollhouse every girl dreams about, or even try to make a bigger one for your child too. Take smaller cardboard pieces and cut out flashcards with colors, shapes, or numbers and help your children learn while having fun. What’s more, if there’s a spare room in your home, by using some really large boxes, you can create an interactive home playground for your kids. Get them a nice childhood realm to play in when it’s too cold to go outside.

A man and a little girl are painting a cardboard house.
Let your imagination run wild, and create.

4. Make something for your pets, too

If you have a dog or a cat, you can try to make a simple pet house or a sleeping basket for it. Employ these ideas for leftover moving boxes, and see what you get. A middle-sized box would work perfectly well here. Cut the top part of the box, fasten the sides and add one or two cushions to make it more comfortable for your furry friend. Just take care to make it strong enough, since you know pets can be pretty restless sometimes.

Packing hacks

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