Doing a DIY relocation from California to New Jersey

DIY relocation from California to New Jersey: how to

“Big things come in small packages,” as they say, and New Jersey will be no exception.  New Jersey may be modest in size, but it is jam-packed with facilities and fascinating things to see and do. That is the reason why so many people decide on DIY relocation from California to New Jersey. When you prepare to relocate from California’s West Coast to this East Coast state, you’ll quickly realize that the gorgeous beach towns along the Jersey shore are so attractive that you won’t miss the flash and glamour of California.

When doing a DIY relocation from California to New Jersey start early

New Jersey is an excellent area to call home because of its gorgeous change of seasons, fantastic food, handy location, and access to the beach. You can sell your house in California but be sure to first boost your California house value with simple tips and tricks. This will help you with your budget for the new home.

It may appear straightforward, but it is not. You may believe that you can put everything off till the last minute, but this is not the case. This is an important step in the relocation process. It would be beneficial if you began as soon as possible. You’ll have more time to rectify things if something goes wrong this way.

Clock showing time so you can start packing for your DIY move
If you are having a DIY relocation be sure to start as soon as possible with planning and making a checklist

Typically you will need to plan 2 months in advance at least. But the sooner the better. Of course, help is around the corner if you need any. It is completely your choice if you will do it all by yourself or have help while moving. Although keep in mind that professionals can make the whole moving process faster and easier for you.

Get packing materials for your belongings

Make sure you have enough packing supplies for the entire family house. You don’t want to overlook it and then have to scramble across town seeking it at the last minute. You’ll need the following items:

  • Moving boxes
  • Ducktape
  • Markers
  • Labels
  • Paper/Newspaper
  • Stretch wrap
  • Bubble wrap

Simply go to your nearest supermarket. They will have all of the boxes you want, and you will most likely be able to obtain them for free. You can also buy everything online. It will spare you the difficulty of having to travel from one location to another. You might simply ask Ample Moving New Jersey to deliver the boxes to you.

Bubble wrap for the DIY relocation from California to New Jersey
Be sure to have enough bubble wrap among other packing materials when relocating.

They can help you within the whole process of moving. Ensure you have plenty of newspaper and bubble wrap on hand to protect the fragile objects.

Donate and declutter at the same time

The fewer things you have to relocate, the easier it will be.  So, prior to the moving day, de-clutter as much as possible. Clear out your wardrobe, pantry, and shelves first. You can attempt consigning or selling things that are still in good shape online.

Donating lightly used clothes, furnishings, and other household items to charitable foundations like Unicef and Habitat for Humanity is something that is recommended because you will help people in need while helping yourself also.

You will get rid of the unwanted items. If you don’t have help while relocating you need to know how to load a moving truck like a professional. This will give you more room in the truck and can save you from doing multiple trips. When you declutter and know how to pack to full capacity you will relocate to your new home in no time. Possibly go one time.

Do something great for both sides
When you are decluttering and donating items. You are doing something great for everyone involved.

Relocate on the weekends if you can

A DIY relocation has several key benefits, one of which is the added convenience of being able to move at your own pace. While customers who hire a costly moving company typically move Monday – Friday to save money, DIYers can relocate on Saturday or Sunday without incurring additional charges or missing work.

If you’re planning on moving over the weekend, you will need to get up early Saturday morning. You’ll get two full days to settle into your new house before returning to work this way. And young families are moving out of California because of work among other things. Everyone has their own reason for moving but you need to seek out how to do it properly.

Essential items when doing a DIY move

Make sure you’re ready to move on moving day. On moving days, everything can go wrong, from poor weather to injured muscles, which is why it’s critical to be prepared for the unexpected. Bring sunblock, small fans, and cool towels if you’re relocating during the heat. If you’re moving in the winter, dress warmly, pack salt for the walkways, and turn on the heat before you arrive.

Weekend in letters
The weekend is the best time to relocate. So when you are DIY your move choose Saturday or Sunday

Regardless of when you’re moving, bring enough bottled water for you and your helpers to last a whole day. You need to know all about the process of moving. To get a full picture of what you will need to do. People will always be there to help you. You will just need to figure out if you want to hire them. And if you need them.

DIY relocation from California to New Jersey will need an essential kit

Don’t forget to bring an essentials kit while preparing for your first night in your new house. Why? Because the last thing you want to do on your first day in your new house is dig through a mountain of boxes in search of your necessities and undergarments. A toothbrush, prescriptions, money cards, clothes, and other important items should all be included in your kit.

Keep this basic box apart from other possessions, labeled, and in a visible location in the house. You can put some of the favorite items from the children inside to help kids adjust after moving house among many more things you can do. Just be sure that they are safe and comfortable during your DIY relocation from California to New Jersey home.

Packing hacks

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