Exploring California as a foodie

Exploring California as a foodie

These days, more than ever before – true foodies have an abundance of choices when it comes to the different cuisines they can taste and see. And let’s face it – California is definitely one of the states most centered on the ultimate foodie experience; the Golden State has its interesting take on dishes all around the world. So, if you want to have the best food travel experience, you need to know what to look for. Don’t worry, though, if you’re keen on exploring California as a foodie, we’ve got a few tips on what you should try!

Plenty of Michelin restaurants

If you’re looking for the greatest foodie experience, let’s face it – visiting some of the best restaurants is a must. Sure, there are a lot of smaller, quirkier places, which have great food and pleasant staff. But you can’t say that you’re done exploring California as a foodie, before you’ve checked out the lunch menu at a Michelin starred restaurant. Which is why we recommend heading off to the San Francisco area, if you’ve got high-end dining in mind. After all, among all the cities in the US, only New York City beats San Francisco in the amount of Michelin rated restaurants.

Of course, even the restaurants on this list are not all the same in both style and price. For starters, you’ve got the simpler Bib Gourmand places – you can definitely find a very tasty meal there for under $50. On the other hand, for anything that’s got more than one star, expect to pay a hefty price. Naturally, seeing as the three-star restaurants are some of the best in the world, if you can afford it, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. But still, be aware – some of the best spots in San Francisco can cost you up to $1000.

A cut-up pizza with many different ingredients.

The local restaurants always offer a fresh take on familiar meals!

Explore the amazing vineyards

Naturally, exploring California as a foodie doesn’t just mean doing a tour of the local restaurants. Especially not when the Golden State has so much more to offer to its food-loving tourists. For example, why not explore some of the breath-taking vineyards California has to offer? After all, we’re talking about some of the most premium quality wine regions in all of America! The local climate is both sunny and dry, which is perfect for a good Cabernet Sauvignon. So, if you’re an avid fan of this particular wine, a drive to Napa Valley will prove to be well worth your time. This region produces some of the most expensive Cabernet Sauvignons in the entire country, with a good reason!

And if you’re up for something more fruity – why not take a trip to Sonoma? You’ll find some of the most peppery and tasty Zinfandels you’ve ever tasted. And remember – this is one of the finest after-meal wines out there. So, make sure you’ve brought back a bottle with you, it’ll be a real treat after you’ve had a pleasant dinner. Also, if you’re interested in organic products even when it comes to wine, we highly recommend going to Mendocino. You’ll find amazing organic variations of Pinot Noir there!

Ripe grapes in a California vineyard.

There is no better state for wine lovers in the US!

Enjoying the local food festivals

As we’ve already mentioned, exploring the top restaurants is all fine and good – but you’ll find that the locals have much to offer as well. In fact, you’ll soon discover that California is host to some of the most unusual and intriguing food festivals in the US! Because of the pleasant climate, the Golden State has a lot of amazingly tasty produce each year, which the locals turn into intriguing and tasty dishes in many festivals! And if you’ve got a move to California in mind, there’s no better way of getting to know the locals than through sharing food! So, visiting some of the local food festivals could be one of the best things for your Los Angeles relocation or a San Francisco move.

For example, if you’re going to Napa, know that the Napa Truffle Festival is something not to miss while exploring California as a foodie! You’ll see some of the best truffle chefs in the country get together and present their unique spins on these tasty fungi. Or, if you’re up for something zanier and more fun, the town of Holtville puts up a quirky Carrot Festival each year. And don’t think we’ve left out those with a particularly sweet tooth! Each summer, you’ll find the California Strawberry Festival to be one of the best stops on your California tour.

A beer tour is a great idea, too

With all this talk of Cabernets and Michelin stars, you might get the idea that exploring California as a foodie is an option only for the high-minded sort of people, which is definitely not the case! If you’re not a fan of wine, you can always opt for a nice, cold stout! After all, the local community is host to plenty of interesting breweries, which aren’t just craftsmen of beer! They also offer some very intriguing tours and organize all kinds of events.

For example, Sierra Nevada organizes several kinds of brewery tours for their fans and customers. If you’d like to learn more about the process of making beer, they’ve got a great Brewhouse Tour which takes you through that process in an hour and a half. Or, for those truly in the know when it comes to their brews, there’s an in-depth Beer Geek tour that lasts twice as long. On the other hand, if you visit the Firestone Walker Brewery, you can pair all of their brews with different food at their in-house restaurant!

Beer being poured into a glass, against a black background.

If you’re an avid wine drinker, California can offer some amazing beers!

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