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Financial benefits of moving from California to New Jersey

By moving from California to New Jersey, your whole lifestyle will change. The two-state is the complete opposite. Their location is on opposing sides of the county. Californians are laid back, while people from New Jersey have a temper. The food is different, the weather and most importantly the culture. While you will need some time to adjust to the Garden State, we are here to see how your wallet will benefit from the location. Moving Company Hollywood will tell you about the financial advantages of relocation to Jersey from California.

You will save money on healthcare by moving from California to New Jersey

The first reason to relocate to New Jersey from California is to save money on healthcare. As we all know, one of the biggest costs for any American is healthcare. The county does not have universal coverage, and many people need to pay extra to get health insurance. And if you have any conditions, you will pay a fortune for your medication. By moving to New Jersey, you will save 4% on healthcare. In addition, New Jersey has the best hospitals in the world, which means you will be paying less for better healthcare. 

Transportation is cheaper in the Garden State

The second thing you will be saving money in Jersey is transportation. Unlike California, you do not need a car to get around New Jersey. Most of the bigger cities in Jersey have excellent public transportation that will get you wherever you want to go. And if you move to cities closer to New York City, you will have reliable bus and train lines to reach it fast. If you choose a city with good public transportation, you will save a fortune. But on average, you will save around 5% on transportation by moving to the Garden State.

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By moving from California to New Jersey, you will cut your average commute time.

Pay less money for a house by moving from California to New Jersey 

By making a move from Cali to Jersey, you will save money on buying a home. We have to mention that New Jersey and California are one of the most expensive states in the country. Still, California is much more costly than New Jersey. 

The median home cost in California is around 684,800, while in Jersey is 397,900 dollars. By relocating to Jersey and buying a house, you will be saving 300,000 dollars that you can invest somewhere else. But the biggest reason you will be saving money in Jersey is that your mortgage will not be as high. In addition, you will probably be able to buy a bigger house with a better location in New Jersey. With a good real estate agent that will be a piece of cake. And when you buy your dream home in Jersey, you will need someone to relocate you there. There are many suitable moving companies that can get you to New Jersey, such as Remember, your ideal moving company is the one that offers impeccable moving services at a reasonable price. 

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You can buy a better home in Jersey for less money than in California.

Renting is more affordable in Jersey

The fourth way you will financially benefit from moving to New Jersey is renting. Houses today are too expensive, so most people decide to rent until they are financially stable. If you relocate to New Jersey, here is how much you will spend on rent compared to California: 

  • First, let’s compare studio apartments. Studios in California go for 1300 dollars while in Jersey for 1100 dollars. You will be saving around 2400 dollars a year by renting a studio in Jersey;
  • Second, two-bedroom apartments are 1500 in California and New Jersey 1300 dollars. 
  • Third – in California, a two-bedroom place will cost you 2000 dollars – while in Jersey, it costs 1600 dollars. You will be saving almost 5000 dollars a year on rent in Jersey. 

Renting in Jersey is a lot more affordable than in California. You will be able to get a bigger place or pay less for an apartment of the same size. 

To conclude, the overall cost of living in New Jersey compared to California is 30% lower. So by living in Jersey, you will be paying 30% less on your daily expenses. 

The location is a financial benefit of moving from California to New Jersey

New Jersey’s location will provide the most financial benefit to you. New York City is right across the river. And if relocating to a place on the Hudson, you can comfortably commute to the Big Apple. 

Being close to New York City will provide you with three financial benefits. 

First, you will have a chance to find a job in any field. New York City is the most financially developed city in America, and they offer countless job opportunities. Many people move to New Jersey just so they can be close to NYC. 

Second, companies in New York City have big salaries because the cost of living in the city is high, and they need to keep up. 

Finally, with a New York City salary, you can lead a carefree life in New Jersey. While New Jersey is expensive, it is nothing compared to New York, and with a salary that matches the prices of NYC, your life in Jersey will be smooth sailing. 

Time Square, read about moving from California to New Jersey
With a New York City salary living in New Jersey will not be costly.


We have talked about the most basic financial benefits of moving from California to New Jersey. However, when you officially relocate to Jersey, you will get to experience all of them. To the cheaper groceries, entertainment options, and schools. But besides financial benefits, New Jersey will be another chapter in your life. The state, the culture, and the people will change you. After a while, you will be proud to call yourself a New Jerseyan. And if you have any problems reaching your new home in the Garden State, feel free to contact us.

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