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Guide for Actors Moving to New York

Whether you are just starting your acting career or you did that many years back, you will need this guide for actors moving to New York. New York is a big city. A very big city. New York also has many people, both residents, and tourists. This means that there is an opportunity for you in every corner. You can easily meet someone who can help you get to where you want to be in life. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and use all that New York has to offer. And we all know New York has a lot to offer. So what are the things actors need to know before moving to New York? Here is a guide that can help you.

Always leave home earlier than planned

If you have somewhere to be, our tip is to always leave your home earlier than you planned to. New York is big and wild. A lot of things happen daily in NYC. Some things can influence how fast you get somewhere. Things like protests, parades, holidays, traffic. Any sort of happening in New York can make your trip longer. And if you have a casting or a shooting, you can’t be late. Being late can mess up your career. Nobody likes when they have to wait for someone and if you are an actor, you are expected to be there on time as nobody is going to wait for you. After all, it is your dream to be a famous actor, not theirs. So do this for yourself. It’s better to be there earlier than to be late and miss your chance. Actors moving to New York have to remember this at all times.

A wrist watch is something all actors moving to New York will need at all times.

It’s better to come early than to be late.

Living outside of NYC won’t save you as much money as you think it will

If you are just starting your career, you might not have a lot of money like many actors moving to New York. A lot of people who want to live at least close to New York, move somewhere near and then travel every day by car or train to the city center. If you are deciding between NYC and NJ, we recommend you choose New York. Living in the center of New York might be more expensive but at least you won’t have to travel every day and risk to get stuck in traffic or miss a train and then be late.

When you put it all down and calculate your expenses, it’s much more convenient to live somewhere near the center of NYC than to live in New Jersey and travel back and forth. Plus, living in New Jersey limits how long you can stay in New York City without having to spend the night somewhere as there are no trains during the night. And leaving your car parked for a long time costs money too. But you have to have in mind that apartments in New York are very small. So there won’t be much room for all your belongings. Luckily, New York has many storage facilities where you can store your belongings as long as you want. But you will have to pay that rent too.

All the actors moving to New York You need to have some money saved up

You can’t possibly just pack your bags and come to New York. You need to have a plan and some money in your pocket. By some, we mean a lot. New York is expensive, and, sadly, you can’t do much about it. You just have to work and save money constantly. If you are moving to NYC as a professional artist you will need a lot of money if you want to show your work to the world. But luckily there aren’t many acting expenses that you need to cover as an actor. However, we still recommend you have some money saved up for the rainy days.

Money in a jar.

Saving money before moving to New York is very important no matter what you do.

Don’t drive your car in New York, rely on public transport

New York’s streets are wild. They are messy, there is a lot of honking involved, a lot of streets are closed all the time, there are people just walking in the middle of the street. It’s crazy. To avoid having any problems, you will need to rely on public transport heavily. Or your feet, if you prefer walking. But that’s only if it’s a short walking distance. Walking for a long time in New York can be very exhausting because of the number of people on the street. So, find an apartment that is located near one of many subway stops or bus stops.

Park Slope is one of many good places to live in NYC.  There are many subway lines there. Plus you can always move out of Park Slope at low cost to any other part of the city if you don’t like it there, but we think you will.

Traffic jam in New York.

Use public transport to avoid traffic jams during the rush hour.

Having an active social life is very important for aspiring actors moving to New York

Going out, having fun, and meeting new people is the best way to the top for actors. Luckily, making friends a new city like New York is very easy to do. Every person in New York knows a person in New York that wants to be an actor. You could say that there are as many actors moving to New York as there are actors moving to Hollywood. Meeting a lot of people will open up many opportunities for you. Remember that every night is a party night in New York but Fridays and Saturdays are when most of New York’s residents go out to have a few drinks with their friends. Be open about what you do and what you want and you might just bump into someone who can push you even higher in the acting industry.

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