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Guide to buying your first house in California

Buying your very first house in California requires certain steps that you should follow in order to find a new home in this state that is absolutely perfect for both your loved ones and yourself. Moreover, moving to your new place also requires organization and planning of the whole relocation process. Especially when it comes to family moving. So, you should read this article where you can find some very useful tips on buying your first real estate property in California before you do anything else.

Talk with your family members before buying your first house in California

First of all, you need to sit down and talk with all of your family members, that is your spouse and children. When you are buying a new house for all of you, you need to take into consideration the wishes of all the people who are going to live there. Therefore, every one of you must clearly say what he or she wants from your new home. If you have pets and you want to move them to your new place also, then you need to find a convenient new home for their needs too. Keep in mind, you are not buying real estate in California every day. Most probably you will be living there for many years. For this reason, it is important to listen to your loved ones, state your own opinion, and compromise. At the end of the day, it is important that all of you are satisfied with your new place of living. And, of course, you must see what amount of money you are willing to spend on the house purchase.

A row of houses in a steep street.
Talk with your family and decide together what is the perfect house for you in this state.

Search the internet to see what is on the market

After you talk to your family, you should search the internet thoroughly. See what is on the market when the houses in California are in question. pay special attention to the real estate properties that have the characteristics of your perfect family house: the number of floors, garage, backyard, swimming pool, and all the other things that you and your family members want to have in your new place. Importantly, check the price range and see in what neighborhoods the properties you are interested in are located. Importantly, check the safety of each of these neighborhoods and the cost of living. Moreover, see what is located nearby. Also, you can use Google maps to see those houses and their streets.

A laptop you can use  to browsee the internet and find some information on buying your first house in California.
Use Google maps to see how certain houses and their neighborhoods look.

Start saving money for buying your first house in California

Once you know what the prices of real estate properties in California are, you should start saving money. If possible, you should start saving the moment you even consider buying a new family home and moving to California with your loved ones. For relocation expenses are not cheap. In addition, you may also need other services apart from transport. We strongly advise you to also start collecting cardboard boxes on time, because you will need many of them for packing of your items. And it is both more eco-friendly and cheaper to use your own packing materials than to pay the relocation company for theirs. For this reason, start filling one room in your current home with cardboard boxes. You can find them in local bookstores, libraries, and supermarkets where you usually shop. Before you go to buy other packing materials like tape, scissors, and bubble wrap, check if you have some of these already. Moreover, moving to a new home can also require some renovating, remodeling, and similar things. All of them cost money, of course. So, as you can see, you should start using your piggy bank as early as you can.

A piggy bank and lots of coins.
Start saving money for house purchase in California earlier.

Hire professional help when buying your first house in California

When you decide how much money you want to spend and what kind of real estate you want to buy, you should hire a professional real estate agent in California. Trust us, he or she will make the whole house hunting process so much easier for you. When you are working with a professional in this field you can be sure that nothing will go wrong. Also, finding a real estate agent these days is very easy for you can use the internet and find many contacts. In order to be sure that you are hiring the right person to help you, you can always contact more of these agents and ask them some questions that are important for you before you make the final decision and hire one of them. Once you have a true expert by your side, you can go house hunting without any worries. These people are true professionals and they know how to find exactly the type of houses you are looking for. Also, she or he will find the offers that you can afford and will advise you what is the best option for you.

Create a checklist when buying your first house in California

Before you start house hunting in California, there are a couple of things to go through. Many people can be amazed by some house when they see it that they completely forget about the things that are important for them. In order to avoid this happening to you, create a checklist. Put everything on a piece of paper that you want your new house to have. Or not to have. This also refers to its location. Definitely, you must think of your safety. Especially if you are moving with your kids there. So, you would want to avoid the neighborhoods that are known for crime and danger. This list of yours can be in your planner or mobile phone. It really is not important. Whatever works for you will be fine. Moreover, it can be really just a piece of paper that you will always carry with you in your wallet whenever you go.

A checklist to help you stay organized when buying your first house in California.
Write down everything that you should not forget when choosing the right house.

Find a reliable professional relocation company for your move to California

Once you buy your perfect house in California, it is time to start thinking of moving there with your whole family, including pets if you have some. This requires detailed organization and planning. One of the things that will be necessary is hiring a professional relocation company to help you transport your furniture items in their trunk. But, you should also see what other services you also need, like storage. When it comes to packing services, it will be cheaper to do it on your own. Each family member can use the packing materials that you have and carefully pack all the things. Importantly, teach your kids how to pack sensitive items. That is, how to wrap them in bubble wrap and paper and other things. Moreover, remind them not to forget to put a label fragile on all the boxes that contain fragile things. Since this is the time of the coronavirus pandemic, packing by yourself and using your own cardboard boxes and other materials is the best solution. Once you decide what services you will need from moving experts, start searching for a perfect company on the internet. Also, you can ask your friends for recommendations. It is significant to read the reviews of the company you are considering to hire. And to check if it has a license, of course. You can find reliable companies today on Check it out as soon as possible.

Relocate with your family members in your car to your new house in California

In order to be as safe as possible from coronavirus, leave the moving professionals to transport your furniture, moving boxes, and all the other items that you have, while you should relocate with your family and your pet in your own vehicle. Bring enough face masks and hand sanitizers for all of you when moving to your new home in California. Also, do not forget alcohol and wet antibacterial wipes. Moreover, you should clean your car thoroughly before your moving day comes. We strongly advise you to prepare the food for your trip and put it in plastic food containers. Also, bring enough water bottles. Do not forget food for your pet. All of this will make you safer for there will be no need for you to stop and shop at random stores. And, it will save you some money, too. Importantly, you need to bring with you in your vehicle the things from the following list:

  • All your documents and important papers
  • Medicine
  • Valuable items, like jewelry
  • All your keys
  • Your wallet with all your cards and cash
  • Spare clothes
  • Your kids’ favorite toys

All of these things are crucial to have with you. If your kids have their toys, they will be more patient during the whole trip to California.


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