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Coast to coast relocation: guide to moving to Florida

So, you’ve decided that you are going for a coast-to-coast relocation. Great. Also, you chose Florida to be your new home. Even better! You will see why this is a great choice later. Anyway, since you are reading this, it means that you might have some problems figuring out the scope of your new endeavor. But don’t worry, with our guide to moving to Florida, you will be ready for your move in no time! In the end, we are going to give you some advice on what you can do after you completed the moving process. So, let’s begin with the unraveling, shall we?

Preparation is the first step in the guide to moving to Florida

Preparation is key if you want to organize a successful coast-to-coast move. Moreover, if you want to experience as little stress as possible, you better make sure that everything is prepared. Aside from planning, there are three things you ought to do:

  • Choose the desired destination
  • Find the right movers
  • Budget properly
Preparation is the first step in the guide to moving to Florida.
Just like in life, preparation is key to success.

Even if you are a genius, not being prepared might end up costing you your time, money, energy, and sanity. Exactly for this reason you need to do the aforementioned things.

Choose the desired destination

Choosing the desired destination is never easy. Even though you may love a certain place, there is always a chance that you will stumble upon a catch. Maybe there are no available homes. Or there are vacant homes, but they cost a fortune. Maybe you can’t find a good job. Anything can happen. That is why you need to make a wise decision when choosing a new home. Try to balance your love for a certain place with practical matters. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Find the right movers

Once you found your dream place it’s time to look for the local movers and join forces with teams nearby so that you can continue with your moving preparations. Finding the right movers can be a pain. But if you spread the word to your friends and family, maybe they can recommend someone. Additionally, you can always look online. But, be sure that you look for local movers since they know the place you are about to move to better than anyone.

Budget properly to complete the first step in the guide to moving to Florida

Budgeting is one of the more difficult parts of organizing a move. Thankfully you can visit to get at least a free estimate of how much will this endeavor cost you. It is very important to not break the bank, especially if you are doing a cross-country move.

Try not to break the bank!
You don’t want to go broke because you are moving, right? That is why you need to budget!

Also, one additional benefit of budgeting properly is that you can easily track every penny you spent and avoid unwanted expenses that don’t fall in the category of unexpected. Consequently, you will be able to tip your movers for the great job they’ve done.

Pack like a pro to enjoy the move

Even if you have a huge budget, it’s always good to know how to pack when moving to Florida. The first thing you should consider is the weather. You don’t need a jumper and that thick winter coat since the average annual temperature is around 70 °F. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for no reason. So, get all your packing materials, pack everything neatly, and do consider downsizing.

a vase wrapped in packing paper
Be creative while packing. Even though you might not want to waste time, your vase will appreciate it.

Furthermore, be patient while packing. Don’t just stuff everything without any order into boxes, crates, or bags. Feel free to be creative and use all the available space that you have. This will not only drive the cost of moving down but also make it easier for you to unpack.

Consider downsizing

Even though downsizing gets a bad rep, you can benefit greatly if you leave extra items in a safe unit. For one, you can keep your dear belongings safe for later use. Secondly, you will be able to settle in without stumbling over excess items you don’t really need at that moment. Last but not least, you can always consider selling or giving away those items. That way you will eighter make a few bucks on the side or do a good deed. The choice is up to you. But, always keep in mind that there are multiple benefits of downsizing and storing extra items for the time you are going to need them.

Last step in the guide to moving to Florida – what to do after the move

If you didn’t already know, the Sunshine State has much to offer and is famous for a lot of things. Firstly, the public education system here is one of the best in the country. Secondly, Florida is one of the states that offers great tax and home-buying benefits. Thirdly, it has, on average, one of the highest incomes per capita in the whole country. Lastly, you can choose to live in a smaller town and still get the big city experience since you are always relatively near a big urban center.

But there are some things you need to keep in mind, that need to be done as soon as you settle in:

  1. Inspect your new home
  2. Set up utilities
  3. Install security systems (for prevention’s sake)
  4. Change your voters and registration address
  5. Greet the neighbors
  6. Get to know your surroundings

To conclude this guide to moving to Florida

The decision to move to Florida might be one of the best ones in your entire life. We hope that this guide was helpful and that you will have a great time living here. But, no matter how well you are doing, don’t forget your friends back home. Always keep in touch with them and from time to time visit them. They’ll be happy to see you! Good luck and have fun moving!

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