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Guide to organizing self-storage units

If you have a storage unit it can be a blessing. It is the perfect space to put away all of those things that clutter your living space. However, although self-storage is a great solution it also needs proper attention and organization. To make it useful and easy to navigate you should know a thing or two about organizing self-storage units. Advice or guides like this will help you organize a unit so that it is practical and easy to use. Proper guidance will also help you maintain this organization and prevent your unit from overflowing.

Have a plan

Organizing and maintaining your storage unit starts with a plan. You should know what you need to store, how to prepare and pack those items, and how often you will need those items. Once you know this you can make a plan that will be a guide to organizing your unit efficiently. The idea is in organizing self-storage units in a way that is easy to navigate so everything is easy to find. Here is what you should handle in order to do just that:

  • Make an inventory
  • Consider the packaging
  • Disassemble
  • Use vertical space
  • Think about box placement
  • Label


With all of the different things, we put in storage it’s usually hard to keep track of all of them. This leads to things getting misplaced or forgotten about. This is especially true for those smaller items that are easy to get lost. To keep your things organized make sure to inventory each item. Update your spreadsheets regularly when there is a change in your storage. You can also take photos of items to have a clear picture of the things you have stored.

Shelving system for organizing self storage units
Use shelving solutions for organizing self-storage units


We all tend to use cardboard boxes for storage. If they are sturdy enough they are easy to handle and stack while protecting your items. However, today you have the option of using clear PVC containers, They allow you to easily see what you have stored and make things easier to track. You will not have to dig through the boxes in search of the things you need. Clear containers help you locate them in no time.


If you are storing furniture the most efficient way is to disassemble it. This way it can take up less space. it also allows you to stack furniture vertically saving space. Take care to protect individual furniture pieces separately and to pack them well.

Vertical space

Save space by going vertical. Stack furniture and boxes on top of each other. Also, use shelves to add extra vertical space. Use a ladder to stack and handle the boxes.

Box placement

Box placement is critical. The things you will need often should be placed close to the entrance for easy excess. In addition, take care of the box weight. You should put heavier boxes on the floor while stacking lighter boxes on top. Do not make stacks that are too high as they will not be stable and are prone to falling over.

A cardboard box with written label
Make sure to use the right boxes and try to label them for easy access


Make sure to label every box. It will be easier to navigate the storage unit if you know where everything is. So label and invest time in this activity.

Bottom line

Organizing self-storage units is not that hard. Just keep in mind to make a plan and try to stick to it. Also, make an effort to maintain this organizational principle. If you do your storage will be easy to handle.

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