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Hacks for long-distance relocations with kids

Long-distance relocations can be hard, and long-distance relocations with kids can be a nightmare. That’s why you need some useful tips (or hacks) and a helping hand. Whatever you can in order to achieve that famous stress-free relocation. They are possible, you just need to start preparing now.

Preparing the kids for a long-distance relocation

As soon as you find out about the upcoming relocation you need to start preparing your kids for it. They need some time to process the news. More than we do. The best hack we have for you is to include them in every aspect of your upcoming relocation. Even if you have to pretend. Kids love to be included. If you are packing give them a small task (like packing toys or folding clothes) even if you have to redo it. While you are packing, think about baby-proofing your new home ahead if necessary.

A mother and her daughter packing clothes together
You will be creating memories.

Hacks that can help you to prepare for long-distance relocation with kids

  • download some moving and packing apps – most of them are free to use and they can help you a lot with organization
  • declutter your old home but include the kids in decluttering their stuff (let them be the ones to choose which toys they want to bring and which ones they can donate for example)
  • check out aandrmover.com – they have the best advice on moving long-distance with kids

Moving hacks

Now let’s see things that can help you with your relocation that doesn’t involve your kids. Let’s face it – the kids are not the hardest part of relocation. Relocation itself is the hard part especially if you want to DIY it. That’s why it’s always best to engage a skilled crew to help you. Professional movers are the best option for people like you who have kids to focus on and lack spare time. Movers can do so much more than just transport you.

A mother packing with her daughter and thinking about long-distance relocations with kids
Let movers do the hard work and you focus on your kid/kids.

Additional services

They can do pretty much everything that you need when it comes to moving you. They can help you with packing, assembly, and many other things. If you have some difficult items like a piano or a car they can do this too. Let specialists handle your vehicle and you can focus on your kids and preparing them for your new home.

Pro tip

As our parting words, we wanted to give you a pro tip that involves packing. Since you have kids chances are you have a lot (a lot) clothes to pack now. Get some vacuum bags, they are the best option and you won’t need a thousand moving boxes for all your clothes. As you can see long-distance relocations with kids can be hard but there is a way to do this like a pro. Good luck!

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