Brushes - Take your time when deciding - Hollywood vs. NYC - what is the best place to live for artists.

Hollywood vs. NYC – what is the best place to live for artists

Well, when it comes to searching for a place where arts and entertainment dominate, then there’s no doubt that New York City and Los Angeles are the best ones. But the question remains – Hollywood vs. NYC – what is the best place to live for artists? You see, these two cities have a lot in common. This includes everything when it comes to the costs of living and potential opportunities for creative types. Even though they are similar to some points of view, your job is to pick the one that suits you the most. They are also very different, and either one of them can make or break your career. That’s why you have to be smart so that you can make the right decision. 

Make sure you consider everything!

The best way you can use to decide which city is the best for you is to set up the priorities. Now, this is something that takes lots of thinking, planning, and preparing. This is quite important to think through because moving to an expensive new city is a huge step. And when it comes to that, keep in mind that there are several factors to consider when deciding – Hollywood vs. NYC – what is the best place to live for artists. So, before moving to NYC as a professional artist, or Hollywood, there are so many things that should cross your mind.

Artist - So, Hollywood vs. NYC - what is the best place to live for artists? Well, you are the only one who can make that decision!

For the begging, you are going to need a general overview of which city may be best for entertainment experts.

Actors – Hollywood vs. NYC?

If you are an actor, then you can pick whatever city you like the most. Because fortunately for this profession, both New York and LA are great choices. But if you need help deciding, then you need to be specific about your goals. For example, to become a film star or television actor then, Hollywood should be your new home. But if you have a passion for musicals and live theatre, then you should go for Broadway. Well, this depends only on your priorities. Because of that, you have to take your time to think about everything before you learn how to prepare for a move


When it comes to musicians, singers, and songwriters, they do not have to pick between Hollywood vs. NYC – what is the best place to live for artists. Because the good news is that you can choose any city you like. You see, artists in the music industry are not attached to only one place. Because for most songwriters and producers it doesn’t matter from which part of the world they are working from.

Only when it comes to performers, they need to put themselves in front of audiences. You need to think about your brand as a singer and/or musician and determine your market based on where you fit as an individual. Perhaps for this profession, New York City might be the better option for living. If you agree with this, then find a perfect house, and start your relocation with Dynamic Movers NYC as soon as you can.

New York City

Hollywood vs. NYC – what is the best place to live for artists? Well to answer this question, you must consider everything!

Stand-up comedians are for New York City

When it comes to stand-up comedians, you might want to think twice about moving out of your Carroll Gardens house in Brooklyn. Because of the great location in New York City is the only thing you need to prepare for your performances as a stand-up comedian. Now this place is so much more popular than Hollywood. Even though LA is a city where comedians will move to once they land their show, but if you’re just starting as a stand-up comedian, then NYC just might be the perfect place to start your career. 

Hollywood vs. NYC – which city is the best for a dancer?

Dancing is another field where professionals have the opportunity to choose between Hollywood vs. NYC. You see, if you want to become one, or own a studio, or even if you are a ballet dancer, both cities have lots to offer. This is great because you can pick the city that you like the most. So, for example, whether you are more for transporting your household items anywhere in Greenpoint in Brooklyn or if you prefer to become a resident of Hollywood, the decision will be up to your wants. 

Hollywood sign

For screenwriters, Hollywood might be the better option for moving.

Do your homework on both cities!

Another thing you must consider when picking between these two cities is affordability. Both of them are very expensive for living, and your job is to prepare financially if you want to live in one of them. Go online and do your research. Explore all your options, and find out everything you can on the pros and cons of Hollywood and NYC. After this, you can get on the next part, which is, finding the perfect home.

What to do next?

When you decide which city is the right choice for you, it’s time to organize your relocation. For this part of the process, you need to get the moving company that will perform the move. Also, you need to gather some tips and tricks that can make this transition a lot easier. For example, you can learn how to pack fragile items, or how to move special items, or how to take care of musical instruments, etc.

So, Hollywood vs. NYC – what is the best place to live for artists?

In the end, when you have to make the right decision about your relocation, you must consider everything. Your field of expertise is the prime thing that can help you make the best choice. Also, have in mind that your new city has to fit your wants, needs and of course your budget. Because a move to huge and expensive cities like those will take lots of time for planning and lots of money for performing.


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