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Home features young home buyers are looking for

If you have a home in California that you’re considering selling, now might be the best time to do it. There are more and more people, particularly younger generations, looking to buy homes there. But before they make the move to San Francisco and purchase a home, they often have a list of desired features that their new home must have. While everyone has their own taste, there are certain home features young home buyers are looking for more than others. Some of these features may be more challenging or expensive to add, while others you may already have. Keep in mind that if you plan to make changes to your home, it’s best to wait until those changes are completed before putting it up for sale.

Home features young home buyers are looking for include a swimming pool

People expect and want to have a swimming pool in California, regardless of whether a house is near the beach or further inland. With many sunny days and warm weather, even in the winter, most houses in California have their own pools, indoor and/or outdoor. Adding a pool to your garden can be challenging and costly, but it has a high return on investment and is worth the expense.

The best place to add a swimming pool is definitely in the backyard. The front of the house should have a driveway and garage for parking, as well as a few plants and lighting. In the backyard, it would be great to build a patio and swimming pool together. This can be a place for people to spend their free time and have gatherings. Think of it as an outdoor living room, and make sure to choose furniture that matches. We recommend adding a larger sofa and some comfortable tables, along with a coffee or tea table and some sunshades.

Once you have equipped the backyard with the features needed, you’ll be able to find the buyer for your home more easily. And once the sale has been finalized, find the best fit and hire movers that can move you to your new place stress-free. There are plenty of services you could take from them, including packing and transporting.

A pool on the patio with a view on the ocean as one of the home features young home buyers are looking for.
Even if you live next to the beach, having a pool at home is one of the home features young home buyers are looking for.

Open living space is becoming more popular

In many families, there is an issue of not spending enough time together. And many people don’t understand until they consider how much the space where you live affects this as well. When all the rooms are separated, there is much less chance people are going to be in the same rooms all the time. But when you have an open living space, you will be together even though you do different things. This is important for people because they want to stay close to their families. And when everyone is working, or kids are going to school, there is not much time that you can spend together. Feel free to ask any common questions that people have when having the wall torn down by professionals and creating one large space.

Open space can make a home feel larger and more welcoming, as well as allow for more flexibility in terms of furniture placement and decor. If you’re considering creating open space in your home, be sure to consider factors such as the layout of your home and the specific needs of your family.

Home features people would love to have are the laundry room

Having a washing machine in the kitchen or in the bathroom can be really annoying. People prefer to have a room just for doing the laundry. And that is definitely understandable. Instead of the basement, you can make a small laundry room where people can wash and dry and even iron their clothes. After all, this is one of the most common things people are asking for. Make a plan with Bravo Moving or another moving company on time so they can transport all the machinery there.

Girl taking something from the kitchen pantry.
With the kitchen walk-in pantry, everything will be more organized and neat.

Make sure to add a walk-in kitchen pantry

It’s easy to create a mess and clutter in the house, especially in the kitchen. A walk-in kitchen pantry is something that many people would love to have. It’s easy to create by just extending the kitchen a bit and adding shelves for storing spices, herbs, and other items. You don’t even need to add a door, but that’s up to you.

Solar panels are a useful and desired feature for younger generations

As a home seller, you should be aware of the importance of energy efficiency in the home. Many people are looking to reduce their monthly bills and save energy, which is why many have switched to using solar panels. This is especially true for young home buyers in California, who often expect their new home to have the possibility of using solar panels. While they can be expensive, installing them can increase the value of your home significantly.

A living room, kitchen, and dining room into one.
Open living space is great for family bonding.

Be open to other installments

Now you have an idea of what home features are most desired by young people looking to buy a home. You can use this information to make changes to your home in order to increase your chances of selling it. It’s important to be open to the ideas and requests of potential buyers, and be willing to make additional changes or installations if they are desired. When it comes to home features young home buyers are looking for, it’s important to be flexible and willing to make changes to meet their needs.

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