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Home staging tips to impress Santa Barbara home buyers

If you want to sell your home at the Riviera, you need to know that appearance counts – big time. Staging a home before selling it is one of the finest investments you can make to guarantee it receives a speedy offer and maximum sale price. Staging is a type of visual marketing that incorporates some of the foundations of interior design to present your home in the best way possible. According to research, a staged house sells three times quicker than an unstaged property. So, here are a few home staging tips to impress Santa Barbara home buyers.

Clean and declutter

A spotless house demonstrates to prospective buyers that you’ve taken great care of it. Cleaning the entire home thoroughly – top to bottom – is ideal. Sort through your kitchen cupboards, drawers, cabinets, refrigerator, etc. If you don’t have new appliances, make the ones you have sparkling clean. Get rid of everything that you do not need. Stuff strewn around the living room and toiletries scattered about the bathroom make your home appear smaller.

A bright living room representing home staging tips to impress Santa Barbara home buyers.
Your clean and bright home will attract many Santa Barbara homebuyers.

No one wants to invest their money in a place that looks neglected and unfinished. Additionally, stepping into a bright, clean, and fresh home will make it easier for the buyers to envision themselves living there. Simple as that! And, once they sign the papers, you can hire local movers to ensure that an easy process is possible when it comes to your relocation, too.

Define purpose to impress Santa Barbara home buyers

Each room should serve a single, distinct purpose. This will show home buyers how to make the most of the home’s space. Although the buyer doesn’t need to utilize the room for the same purpose, they must understand that every square foot of the house is useable.

The era of the home office

There is one specific room that is especially important nowadays. The pandemic has flipped the contemporary workplace upside down. Many Santa Barbara home buyers currently work from home, and the trend is expected to continue in the future. This translates to purchasers evaluating houses based on their ability to serve as home offices. Set up a nice workplace corner and snap images to show it off if your property permits it.

A modern home office corner in a living room.
A home office is a must in a lot of homes now.

Use the paint

A fresh coat of paint can transform a space. It can make it appear much larger than it is, which is essential for buyers looking for a home in Santa Barbara. It also offers the impression of a well-kept house! Adding colorful throw pillows and blankets that coordinate with the paint color can also help to create a well-balanced aesthetic.

Final thoughts on how to impress Santa Barbara home buyers

Whichever Santa Barbara neighborhood your house is in, it can sell fast if you use our home staging tips to impress Santa Barbara home buyers. Good luck!

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