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House hunting in Hollywood – How to do it right

Is it time to move to a new home, and you have chosen Hollywood as your new home city. One of the first steps to do when moving is to find a house where you will live and to explore the real estate market. What to know about house hunting in Hollywood and how to choose the right home for you?

Hollywood real estate market trends

Hollywood is one of the most popular parts of Los Angeles. It is vibrant, fun, sunny, and always is something happening. If you want to live here, finding a home in Hollywood is something you cannot avoid.

House hunting in Hollywood and making a deal.
Before you finish house hunting in Hollywood, explore all the options and the real estate market trends

Before taking the first steps of renting or buying a home, you should explore the real estate market and know what you can afford and what house you want.

  • Housing costs are one of the major concerns when living in LA. Homes here are not cheap. The median home in Hollywood value is $990,000 and prices are growing every year. The average rent per month in Hollywood is $1,500.
  • Most people in Hollywood, 91% of them, rent a home.
  • On average, homes are on market for 44 days.
  • Types of homes you can choose from are condos, duplexes, co-ops, and small townhomes.
  • Downpayment (if you are buying a house) is 20%.

Tips for house hunting in Hollywood

If you are buying the first house in Hollywood or renting one, have a guide to follow and make this househunting process easier to handle.

  • Set a budget and get pre-approved for a mortgage. Home sellers won’t show you a home unless you have a document from a bank about the mortgage.
  • Know your priorities and make a list of must-haves. On the other hand, be open to compromises because the market is competitive and homes can be very expensive.
  • Hire a local real estate agent because a professional already knows this market and has experience. You will find faster a home with a real estate agent and he\she will do all the paperwork.
  • Make an offer and negotiate the price. Try to get a better deal and save money a little bit. But, don’t wait too long because homes in Hollywood are selling fast.

In the end – move to a new home with ease

After choosing the house and renting or buying it, it is time to move all your household items to a new home. As pros from Hollywood Best Movers Company claim, to organize a relocation with ease, you will probably need experts to help you move and pack.

Open house sign.
After finding your dream house, it is time to move your furniture and furnish a new home

Buying a house is a process – prepare well

House hunting in Hollywood is over and now you need to settle in and give a new home a personal touch. Make sure to choose a moving company that is reliable, reputable, and licensed. They will help you unpack and settle in quickly.


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