a baby, learn to baby-proof your new home

How to baby-proof your new home

When you move with a baby, the first order of business should be to baby-proof your new home. Since you have completed a move recently, you are still not 100 percent of your old self and need help, so you do not miss anything when baby-proofing your new home. We at Moving Company Hollywood are here to help you baby-proof your apartment correctly. Let begin! 

How to baby-proof your new home – the living room 

The first room to baby-proof in your place should be the living room. Do it as soon as possible to help your kids adjust after moving house. Here are the steps to take. 

  • The first thing you should tackle is your floors. The floors should not be too slippery to prevent your baby from falling, which can happen since they are learning to walk for the first time. To add more protection, use anti-slip mats. While installing anti-slip mats, you might want to store some of your things so there are not in the way. 
  • The second thing you should do is rearrange your furniture so that your baby can not climb on it and fall. 
  • When you rearrange the furniture, you must add corner protectors to completely baby-proof your new home. 
  • When babies start walking, they get curious and touch new things. To prevent your baby from getting shocked, get socket covers. 
  • Finally, if there are stairs nearby, get baby gates to prevent them from climbing them. Put baby gate at the bottom and the top of gates. 
a living room
To baby-proof your new home, begin with the living room, the room you use most during the day.

Baby-proofing the kitchen in your new place 

Let’s talk about baby-proofing your kitchen. Here are the measures you can take in the kitchen to prevent your baby from getting hurt. 

  • The first thing is to lock everything. You can effortlessly secure your fridge, oven, cabinets by installing locks. 
  • Same as in the living room socket covers and corner protectors. 
  • The third thing you can do is remove the knobs on your stuff so that your baby can not turn them.
  • Avoid leaving any sharp objects or dishes on the kitchen counter. 
  • Finally, be mindful and never leave your kitchen unattended when your baby is walking around your home. 
a silver lock on a blue cabinet
Use locks to prevent your baby from opening cabinets.

Making the bathroom safe 

Having a baby is like living with roommates who have poor motor skills, but you can not prove it to them. So your only option is to protect them. Let’s see how to baby-proof the bathroom.

  • Kepp the toiler lid closed and install a lock on it to prevent the baby from opening it.
  • Install a baby gate in front of your shower or bath. 
  • Same as in the living room, install anti-slip mats. 
  • Keep all of your cosmetics, razors, detergents away from the baby’s reach. 

How to baby-proof your new home – the bedroom 

The final room in our guide on how to baby-proof your new home is the bedroom. To baby-proof, your bedroom follows similar measures we talked about in the paragraph about the living room. Good luck! 

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