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How to ensure the safety of your instruments when moving internationally

We already know that moving is stressful. If you are moving interstate or internationally the stress only mounts. But if you add musical instruments into the mix you can get the full sense of why it can cause some sleepless nights. So, when moving you have to take extra care to protect them. In order to be on the safe side, you have to know to ensure the safety of your instruments when moving internationally. There are many guides and advice to follow so let’s see how to go about it.

Moving overseas

Any long-distance, cross-country, international, or overseas move is complex. It takes time to plan and organize properly. An international move demands that you find the right moving assistance and experienced movers. As DIY managing such a move is not advisable you should engage experienced Transparent International moving professionals to handle this job. This is the only way to ensure that it is done correctly, on time, and without too many issues. So, a key issue you should tackle is to ensure the safety of your instruments when moving internationally. Here is how to go about it.

A Drum set ensure the safety of your instruments when moving internationally
Drums need to be disassembled for protection and to save space

Key things to know during preparation

To be sure your instruments will be safe for relocation you have to prepare. First of all, you must know the exact date of your move. This information is crucial to planning and organizing the packing process. You also must know just what type and number of instruments you have to move. Each separate category requires special care when packing. They also require different packing techniques and materials.

Preparing your instruments for the move

Moving instruments can be stressful and hard. So, a lot goes into this process if you want to ensure the safety of your instruments when moving internationally. Proper preparation, packing supplies, and packing are crucial here. The first and best advice is:

  • Find the original instrument boxes. They are custom-made for your instruments and are sure to provide the best protection. If you don’t have them try to source out and buy sturdy boxes that are suitable for your instruments. They will provide good protection during transport.
  • Buy the proper wrapping and padding materials. Packing paper, foam, styrofoam as well as bubble wrap, and such can provide the best protection. They will keep the instruments tight in their boxes and protect them from any stress and scratches.

Packing your instruments

Once you prepare your packing supplies you can go on to complete the packing of your instruments. This is not easy as every type of instrument is different and takes special attention. First, prepare each instrument for packing.

  • Brass and wood instruments must be well protected for the move. To avoid the damage make sure to take them apart. You should wrap and protect each part separately to avoid any damage.
  • String instruments do not take a lot of time to prepare. The key is to keep the strings from snapping and damaging the instrument. So, just loosen the strings for transport. Also, make sure to poot extra padding to protect the fragile parts like the neck of a guitar or violin.
  • Percussion instruments take a lot of time to disassemble. However, this is important so you can save space when moving.
  • The hardest instrument to move is the piano. It takes special care and knowledge to disassemble, pack and protect. It also takes special equipment and experience to handle with care while moving. Your best bet is to leave it in good hands of professionals that know how to handle such bulky instruments.

Having professionals help out is even more crucial if you are moving fragile musical instruments. As they are fragile it is of paramount importance to protect them properly.

Piano keys
Bulky items like pianos demand professional handling

Musical instruments are fragile and any movements are risky. Moving them internationally in different conditions and ways puts them at very high risk so prepare well.

Moving instruments – to conclude

Moving instruments is one of the most challenging things to do. They can be too bulky to move and fragile to handle. However, with advice like this, you can prepare to make this process easier. Consider finding the right movers so you can ensure the safety of your instruments when moving internationally. Their knowledge and expertise are crucial.


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