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How to make more storage space on your balcony

Are you always in need of some extra storage space in your home? Since you’re reading this text it’s not that hard to assume your answer to the previous question is a YES. This is where we show up with a couple of neat ideas for more storage space. So, have you tried the balcony? It’s probably not the most suspicious place when you’re on the lookout for some extra space. But, and there’s always a but, it can be convenient for storing stuff as any other room in your apartment. Anyway, you need to get really practical here. In the article below we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to make more storage space on your balcony. Stay tuned.

Under-seat storage solutions

You probably enjoy some beautiful afternoons sitting on your balcony, drinking tea, or whatever your drink of choice is. First things first – get rid of the chairs. Although they may look nice (or not – it depends) they’re not so practical. You can buy some seating with built-in storage or you can go DIY and find some sturdy wooden boxes and replace your onedimensional chairs with multifunctional furniture.

A balcony with seating with built-in storage. That's one of the ways you can make more storage space on your balcony.
Adding some seating with built-in storage to your balcony inventory might be the easiest way to get some extra storage space in your home.

Cupboards to the rescue

This one’s so obvious you might think we’re kidding. But no, really, think about it. Installing a row of cupboards might give your balcony a new look. You might want to paint over the cabinets giving your balcony a fresh and artsy remodeling. Pick up some lovely colors and brushes, find your inner artist and start working! Who says your balcony cupboards have to look stereotypical? When you’re having friends over for dinner on the balcony – they’ll be thrilled. You might even get a few artistic offers.

Balcony shelves anyone?

Ignore the silly (read: quite unfunny) joke. Anyway, adapting some shelves to your balcony wall might do you pretty well. Choose the material best suited for the kind of climate you’re living in. It’s also kind of obvious but it gets the job done!

Adding some shelves to one of your balcony walls will save you a whole lot of space. Pick the material best suited for the weather you expect in your area.

A piece of friendly advice

We’re free to give you some advice. This one’s not a storage solution per se, but it has something to do with it. So, what is it? Well, the paragraphs above deal with furniture, right? With wooden furniture on your balcony, you need some extra precaution. Protect it from the elements by coating it in latex paint and water sealant. That way you’ll enhance the durability of your balcony furniture.

So, there you have it. Some simple yet pretty practical ideas for your home. Hopefully, this text encouraged you to make more storage space on your balcony.

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