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How to organize a successful coast to coast move

Moving can be often stressful and complicated, especially when moving long-distance. Not only the moving process can be hard, but also, the adjusting period can be too. New environment, climate, people, new job, etc. Have a successful coast to coast move and know how to organize it like a pro. Moving from one coast to another in the USA is a big change and challenge in life.

Things to consider when moving coast to coast

What should you know before moving from one coast to another and on what to be prepared?

  • Housing options in another state – research the real estate market in a city where you will live. It is one of the first things to consider when relocating to another state. Secure an apartment for you and your family, a temporary one, until you find the perfect place to live.
  • Job opportunities – what are the employment opportunities in your destination city and will you be able to find a dream job? If you are moving because of a job offer, then you don’t have to worry about this problem. But, if you don’t have a job yet, start searching even before moving.
  • Costs of living – depending on the place where you will live, the costs of living will be different. Housing costs, utilities, food, transportation…there are many things to calculate in order to be prepared for the first few months after moving.
  • The climate – if you are moving to the southern part of the USA, be prepared for how summers and mild winters. On the other hand, when moving to the northern part, you will experience all 4 seasons in a year.
  • Costs of moving cross country – coast to coast move is not cheap and if you have a tight budget, know how to save money when moving cross country. Expect to pay anywhere from  $6,000 and $9,000, depending on the place you are moving to and the size of your move.
  • Cultural differences – after moving to another state, you should be ready for some cultural challenges. Be open-minded and try new things after moving.

Organize your coast to coast move like a pro

If you are moving with your family from LA to NY, or from Seattle to Miami, or any other city from the east coast to the west coast and vise versa, it requires a lot of preparations and good organization.

A man loading moving box into a van.
Learn how to move successful and with ease to other coast of the USA

Before starting this journey of about 3,000 miles, look for a moving guide, and have a stressless and successful move.

Create a moving checklist

When moving, people can forget to do even the most important things because of stress and excitement. So, before you start with the moving process, the key to a good organization and successful relocation is – creating a moving checklist.

No matter where you are moving to, you should spend time on this step. After all, you can download the list online. Leaving California for Florida without any trouble is possible only if you are organized and have the right help on your side.

Checklist for coast to coast move.
Make your own to-do list and there will be less mistakes when moving

Find a long-distance moving company

One of the best, safest, and easiest way to transport all your belongings cross country, is to hire professional movers with experience. Research moving companies from the USA, and choose one with the license and insurance for moving state to state. Ask for recommendations, people that moved recently, read online moving reviews, explore, because the right help is necessary for a successful relocation. Cross Country Moving Group is a company to consider hiring since they are long in this business.

Choose different moving companies and compare them – their services and prices.

Organize your trip

How will you travel to a new state? By plane or car? Will you move cross country with kids or pets? Plan your trip in advance and if you did not find a home, find a B&B or book a hotel. If you will move with your kids in your car, make the trip fun and exciting. Pack toys, prepare road trip music, search for places where you can stop by, etc. Make your coast to coast move fun and while traveling, visit some new places.

The USA map.
Plan your trip from coast to coast

Set a moving budget

Moving is not cheap, especially not moving cross country. Calculate the average costs of your relocation and set a moving budget. Get an in-home moving estimate from a moving company, and you will know the accurate costs of your upcoming relocation. You can find out online, but it won’t be an accurate calculation. Also, pay attention to the costs you will have after moving to a new home. Rent, furniture, paying for some documentations, food, etc.

Declutter before packing

To prepare for your next big move you should declutter before packing. This way, you won’t move unnecessary items and your costs of moving will be lower. Downsizing will make your relocation easier. Think about items you will pack and move. For example, if you are moving to a sunny and hot place, you don’t need all your winter jackets. Or, don’t pack your entire furniture if it won’t fit into your new home. Be practical and pack smartly.

Take inventory

Take a home inventory and you will know exactly how many items you will move to a new home. The cost-effective way to move across the country is to leave all furniture behind, but it is not always people’s choice. Coast to coast move will be less stressful when you have a list of the things you will move. If something is missing, you will know exactly what. So, complete a home inventory before moving and include details.

Packing hacks

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