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How to speed up your Hollywood relocation?

When people have less time to relocate than usual, they often experience panic. However, when it comes to quick relocations, they don’t need to be that stressful and chaotic if you know the right tricks. Proper organization and lower stress levels are the keys to moving quickly and efficiently. For that reason, we made a simple guide on how to speed up your Hollywood relocation and stay safe and sane throughout the whole process.

Never underestimate the power of a good plan

Even though people often avoid sitting down and actually thinking about heir relocation when they lack time – that might be just the right thing to do. Even though you feel it’s just wasting time, a proper plan can really be a time saver. Therefore, sit down and make a moving checklist. List all the things you need to do and estimate how much time you need for each task. This way, you’ll be able to schedule the tasks by days/weeks until your moving day, and therefore do everything systematically and on time.

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If you want to move int a new home as quickly as possible – make a solid plan.

Prepare the money

Another thing you should do to speed up your Hollywood relocation is to create a moving budget. Planning your finances will help you estimate how much money you actually need, so you can prepare the right amount. If you leave tasks like going to the bank, ATM, or exchange office for the last day – you will lose your precious last-minute moments to pack. Remember there are always unpredictable things that can delay your plan – bad weather, traffic jam, etc. Separate money into different sections, so you don’t have to count them at the spot.

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Time is money – prepare your moving budget to speed up your Hollywood relocation.

Ask for help to speed up your Hollywood relocation

Moving in a short time frame is only possible with proper help. However, you have two options here. Let’s see how you can speed up your Hollywood relocation by having a helping hand.

Friends and family

The first option you have to make things faster is to invite some of your friends and family to help you out. You can organize a ‘packing party’. Order some pizzas, bring refreshments, and make an event out of it. This way you’ll have your items packed in one day – for a very cheap price. Another way your friends and relatives can help you is when you’re moving with kids or pets. Since it’s safer they stay out of the place where furniture and boxes are being carried around, ask someone to take care of your little ones until the work is done.

Let pros do the work

Even though inviting friends and family is fun – it’s not that safe and it can get messy. Doing everything on your own can be very risky – you or your friends can get hurt and some of your items may end up broken or scratched. To avoid all of that, and most importantly – save time, you should contact the right moving company to do the work. To find reputable movers faster, look at trusted websites like  verifiedmovers.com, and avoid moving scams. Professional, reliable movers know the drill so they pack and transport your items much faster and safer. Along with speeding up your Hollywood relocation, the right moving team will certainly help you reduce the stress and feel much rested after this huge life event.

Prepare all the packing supplies beforehand

Don’t go shopping for packing supplies at the last minute. Make sure you have everything ready once you start packing your items. Make an inventory list if possible to help you estimate the number of moving boxes and other supplies you’ll need. Get in advance everything so you can be efficient right away. You’ll need boxes/containers, wrapping paper (newspaper, linens, towels), scissors, tape (use a tape gun to save time), markers for labeling, box cutters, gloves. If you don’t have enough boxes, don’t waste time going to a supplies store. Simply use things you already have in your home as containers – suitcases, gym bags, garbage bags, etc.

Pack efficiently to save time

If you’re packing on your own, you need to stay organized and efficient throughout the whole process. Also, if you pack smart, you can help your movers relocate you much faster. First of all, you should start packing as early as possible. If you feel that’s too early to pack everything, start with items you rarely use, and you won’t need until the moving day.

Also, declutter as you put items into boxes. Have a ‘to go’ pile or box for all the things you don’t want to move to the new house. Give up on all those broken, old, outdated items that only eat up your space in the house. This will help you free up space in the new home as well, and can also help reduce the moving costs.

And finally, don’t forget to label the boxes when you seal them. Even though it might seem like an extra step now, it will prove to be very useful once you start sorting out boxes in your new house.

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Efficient packing will help you stay organized and save both time and money.

Go online to save some time

The Internet can help a lot when you want to speed up your Hollywood relocation. You can browse movers online and read reviews to help you decide. Also, you can go shopping for supplies – simply order them in an online shop. And finally, you can sign a moving contract or some other document online, without having to go around the city and waste time.


As you might see, the organization is the key when you simply need to speed up your Hollywood relocation. No matter how much time you have left until the moving day, try to use it as efficiently as possible. It’s important to be productive and to do that, you need to take care of yourself first. Make sure you eat and sleep well, so you can have enough energy when the big day comes.

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