The train you can use if you think about leaving LA and heading to Sunnyside.

If you are thinking about leaving LA – think about Sunnyside

Leaving California and Los Angeles for a completely different state can be tricky since LA provides a very unique lifestyle to its residents. However, a fresh start in a completely different climate can benefit you in many ways. Meeting new people and cultures, gaining different job opportunities, and simply trying something new will help you refresh your life and make new, more successful steps. So, if you’re thinking about leaving LA – think about Sunnyside, Queens. It’s a true gem of New York City that will let you experience the one-of-a-kind NYC vibe but in a friendly neighborhood environment. Let’s see why Sunnyside should be your next home, and check the best ways to relocate without stress.

Sunnyside is located in Queens…

… and that’s one of the reasons you should move here. Queens is a world in just one borough. It offers everything you would ever need, in terms of locations, cultures, foods, and people. It’s so diverse and welcomes everybody, which is great for all those coming all over from LA. It’s a borough with over two million residents and two major airports. You can choose among many businesses that offer jobs in Queens but easily commute to the other parts of the city. Still not convinced? Let’s focus and think about Sunnyside.

Queens NYC at night
The best neighborhood is just a train ride away from Manhattan – think about Sunnyside as your next home

Let’s think about Sunnyside as your new home after leaving LA

To be sure you’re choosing the right location after leaving LA, try to imagine your life there and see if it’s good for you. Let’s go through the basics about Sunnyside so you can decide if it’s the right home for you.

The community

Sunnyside is a low-rise neighborhood with a planned community that was built for the working class in the 1920s. It’s a historic district with a diverse community with many newcomers each year. Residents love the neighborly feel Sunnyside has, so expect to have friendly neighbors who actually want to meet you and talk about various things. It’s the connectivity between residents that makes Sunnyside different from other NYC neighborhoods. The intimate, yet very diverse atmosphere is something to enjoy in a huge city like this.

The food

People in Sunnyside are all about diversity, so the same thing applies to the food options in this neighborhood. The food scene is dynamic, which means you can eat almost whatever you want. In just one day, you can have meals from all world cultures – Mexican, Italian, Peruvian, Irish, Greek, you name it! New residents bring new food choices to the place, which makes Sunnyside a perfect place for food lovers. Best of all, you’re just a short ride away from Manhattan and Astoria, where you can enjoy top-class restaurants.

The housing

When you think about moving to New York, you immediately remember skyrocketing rent prices. However, if you’re leaving LA, you should think about Sunnyside, because Queens in general offers more affordable housing compared to the other parts of NYC. Of course, the prices depend on the size and luxury level, but generally, you can find more affordable apartments than in Manhattan. In just a short ride on the 7 train, you enter a more affordable part of NYC, which attracts more newcomers each year. The average prices range from $1,600 – $2,300, which is almost two times more affordable than Manhattan. However, you should also know that as more residents are moving to Sunnyside, the prices are getting higher over the years.

Moving to Sunnyside doesn’t need to be expensive

If you decide to move here, you shouldn’t worry about high relocation fees, as well. Local moving companies operating in Sunnyside know the area well and can help you relocate around the neighborhood without breaking the bank. However, be sure to find someone you can trust, to make sure you have a stress-free move as well.

The USA map to choose your new home location after leaving LA.
If you are leaving LA, think about Sunnyside, but don’t worry about long-distance moving costs with the right moving company.

Things to do

Moving from LA sets the bar high when it comes to entertainment options. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that – after all, you’re moving to NYC! Sunnyside offers some great locations to have fun, so you don’t need to go to the other parts of the city all the time. The most popular sights are Sunnyside Gardens Park, Sunnyside Green Market, Calvary Cemetery, and so many museums located in Queens. The bottom line is – there’s something for everybody. Whether you’re a single person in your twenties looking for a place to go out, or you’re moving here with your family – there’s always something to do and have fun.

Prepare your move from LA to Sunnyside on time

Moving long-distance is not an easy task. But it can surely be organized and stress-free. There are a couple of elements of every successful location, no matter the size or the distance:

  • on-time preparation and planning – organize your moving tasks by weeks and days, so you finish them without any stress and hurry.
  • planning the budget – moving can get expensive, so be sure not to spend more than necessary. Write down your costs, and prepare the budget on time, even for the smaller items on your budget list.
  • find reliable help – having someone trustworthy to help you relocate is precious during long-distance relocations. Visit to get a moving estimate and hire a professional and skilled relocation team.
  • downsize – moving to NYC will probably mean you will find a smaller home than the one in LA. To avoid mess and clutter, make sure you downsize your home and therefore reduce the moving costs.
A piece of cardboard with the word heavy on it.
Moving can be difficult – but you can manage to do it stress-free if work according to a plan.

Now, it’s time to start browsing homes in Sunnyside and preparing for the move. And since you’re leaving LA – don’t forget to revise your wardrobe. Winters will be colder in Sunnyside!

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