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How to make your move easier on your neighbors

The unfamiliar people, truck, and all the noise might make your new neighbors nervous. But that doesn’t have to be the case, as you might use this opportunity to actually connect with them. You don’t have to host a meet and greet party to actually meet your neighbors. So, connect with them even before you move in. And to do that, you just need to make your move easier on your neighbors.

Meet your neighbors before the move

If you’re visiting the house before the moving day, you can knock on the doors and shortly introduce yourself.

Picket fences.

Is it possible?

Even though the moving house can be done in a simple way, and without ruckus, you should still share this information with them:

  • Share the move-in date. By doing this, you’re giving your neighbors the opportunity to prepare for the move. Maybe they need to move their car or keep their dog inside. By doing this, you’re doing yourself a favor.
  • Give them a time frame. Tell them if you expect the move-in process to go on the whole day, or just in the morning. They might need to plan their time accordingly.
  • Let them know the name of the moving company. This will allow them to feel more comfortable about the strangers in the neighborhood.
  • Check if they need to ask you something. In order to remove any potential problem before it occurs, and make your move easier on your neighbors check if they have any concerns.
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Maybe a neighbor wants to help you out

Talk with your movers in order to make your move easier on your neighbors

You might have some concerns regarding the move, or your neighbors might’ve shared some of their concerns with you. For example, you might be worried about where the moving truck will park. These are some of the things you should talk to your movers about.

  • Where will the moving truck park? You don’t want it to block your neighbors’ car or their entrance.
  • What about shared spaces? If you share a driveway or other area with your neighbors, let your movers know about it.

Provided that you found your movers at the right place, for example, at silverstarmovers.com, they will have a professional opinion that you can rely on. They’ve dealt with neighbors before, and know what to do to make your move easy and smooth on your neighbors.

How to behave on a moving day

Know that you’ve made sure you’d done what you can to make as little intrusions as possible, it’s time for the move-in day.

  • If possible, respect your neighbors’ wishes.
  • Keep the pets in your home and the children in your garden.
  • Bring all of the boxes in a garage, or better yet, inside. This might also make you unpack quickly.

Sometimes, even with your best efforts, you can’t move easier on your neighbors,  as some noises and intrusions cannot be avoided. If this process turns out to be louder and longer than you’d initially expected, surprise your new neighbors with a gift basket.

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