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Most common reasons why Californians move to New Jersey

So, you’re wondering why would anybody leave California for New Jersey? It sounds like a wrong kind of decision or something to you, right? Well, fortunately, by the end of this article – you’ll have a more realistic approach to this situation. Although California might be the dream state of many US citizens, Cali locals know it can sometimes get tough. Whether it’s the overcrowded cities or the climate it really doesn’t matter. The thing is: in recent years we’ve witnessed an influx of former Cali residents moving to New Jersey. It’s one of the most popular destinations for “ex-pats” all around the US, as well. So, what’s the deal with NJ? Read the text below and find out what are some of the most common reasons why Californians move to New Jersey.

New Jersey is cheaper

Although both states top the most expensive places in the US charts, New Jersey is cheaper. The average cost of living is significantly lower than in California. That’s naturally one of the reasons why ex Californians move to New Jersey. If you’re looking to raise a family a more affordable home is definitely a way to go, a necessity. Once you include a family-friendly NJ suburbia in the picture the dreamy images speak for themselves. More on the subject of dreamlike suburbia in the paragraph below.

A man taking some money out of his wallet. It's safe to say that one of the most common reasons why Californians move to New Jersey is affordability.
You probably could’ve predicted this one but NJ is significantly cheaper than Cali although both fit into the not-so-affordable category. Anyway, it’s still one of the most common reasons why Californians move to New Jersey.

Family-friendly dreamlike suburbia

As we’ve mentioned earlier here we’ll talk about some family-friendly qualities of NJ that attract Californians looking for a new home. We’ve all seen in the movies: beautiful suburban neighborhoods, lots of green space, neatly cut lawns, newspapers flying to your doormat, voices of children playing, and so on. It’s pretty safe to say that New Jersey is the real-life incarnation of the mentioned ideal. Various NJ neighborhoods are among the safest in the US. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Cali. Hopefully, this is enough for you to get a picture of why many Cali families are fleeing the state. Your family’s safety should be your top priority.

New Jersey movers are among the best in the US

This one knows every Jersey resident. When it comes to moving services there’s a slim chance New Jersey isn’t topping the charts. NJ moving crews are among the best in the whole US. If you have some trouble moving in, you can just rely on assistance nearby and relax. Experienced teams in the area will make sure you settle like a boss in your new home state. NJ newcomers will surely appreciate this trait. Ask around recent newcomers and they’ll pretty much tell you the same thing.

A moving crew outside their truck, One of the reasons why Californians move to New Jersey is quality moving services available in the state.
Experienced moving crews are certainly one of the most common reasons why Californians move to New Jersey. Get settled easily with great assistance from local moving teams.

The climate, of course

Dry California summers are definitely not for everyone. In New Jersey, you can experience amazing snowy winters with fairy-tale scenery accompanying them. The mild continental climate will surely be a nice change if you ever decide to move to NJ. At least that’s what former Cali residents are saying. Making a snowman in their backyard was once just a dream and now they’re turning it into reality. Also, when was the last time you used snow sleds? Of course – if there ever was one.

New Jersey’s superior educational system

Did you know that New Jersey’s public school system ranks no.2 in the US? That’s not false news, New Jersey is deemed by some as the top state when it comes to public education. If you’re a family-oriented type of person you’ll enjoy this trait even more than those we’ve mentioned earlier in the text. Making sure our kids get a quality education is something most of us are trying to do. We’re safe to assume you’re also doing the same. If you ever settle in NJ and your kids need to relocate to a college feel free to contact the guys at amplemoving.com and see what they have to offer.

Kids in the classroom.
New Jersey’s public school system ranks no.2 in the US. Making sure our kids get a quality education is something most of us are trying to do.

Beautiful outdoors

New Jersey’s a state with some really amazing natural scenery. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast – there are really not so many places like Jersey. It’s not called Garden State for no particular reason. Everything is near – whether it’s magnificent nature or big metropolitan areas. Spend a weekend in the woods, telling scary stories about the Jersey Devil around the campfire and eating marshmallows. Next time travel to NYC and see the cultural capital of the globe. Also, New Jersey’s rich with history, so you can expect your kids to ask you questions about your new home.

Amazing bars and restaurants

The food culture in New Jersey is top-notch. Of course, California’s not so far behind, but Jersey has its own thing for quality cuisine. When you’re in Jersey you practically never have to go through three pages of Google before finding the perfect spot for an early dinner. Why? Because it’s just around the corner.

And a few words before the end

So, that was that. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Now you know some reasons why Californians move to New Jersey. These are mostly family-oriented folks with a knack for history, amazing nature or delicious food, or just regular guys looking out to building a snowman this very winter. If you find yourself in the above-mentioned categories maybe Jersey is your next stop. Who knows what can happen after you search a bit more about this wonderful state. This was, of course, just an intro. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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