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Moving from a house into a condo: expectations vs reality

The main differences

The main facts between a condo and a house are obvious. You have to be prepared for a lot smaller space, to neighbors being too close. You also have to prepare for paying your rent and condo upkeep and maintenance. In addition, you will have to say goodbye to your open space and backyard but you will have some added security when living in a building.

Condo blueprint
Lack of space is one of the things that can be an issue

Some key points when moving from a house into a condo

Making a change like this can be stressful and difficult. Although moving experts can give you a hand and make your move into a condo easier there are things to get used to afterward. When moving from a house into a condo you have to know a few things and here they are.

  • Space or lack of it
  • Lack of privacy, neighbors, and proximity
  • Maintenance


The biggest change you will feel is the lack of space. However, although it might seem difficult to cope with this it doesn’t have to be. Filling up a small apartment with furniture is easier and cheaper. Cleaning it will also be simpler and faster. However, you will be forced to make a lot of compromises to make things work in a cramped space.

Lack of privacy

Living in a building and a condo can be living in a small community. The neighbors and their proximity can be a difficult thing to get used to. Although you might expect to have a small and quiet place for yourself you will soon find out that is difficult to achieve. You will be able to hear your neighbors through the walls, you will meet them every day. This also means that you have to get used to being quiet and not making too much noise. However, this fact will also add to the security as your place will be safer with so many people being able to hear any commotion and react.

Apartment building and neighbors on the balconies a problem when Moving from a house into a condo
Lack of privacy and close proximity of your neighbors can be an issue


Maintenance of a condominium can be a lot easier than in a house. Most buildings already have staff in charge of maintenance which makes maintaining a condo a lot easier and cheaper. However, although you might expect it to be easy to pay rent and the condo upkeep it might not be this easy. You will probably have issues with keeping up with your finances when unexpected things happen.

Final thought

Moving from a house into a condo does not have to be too difficult. If you know what to expect you will be ready to accept this change. So, try to be informed about what a move like this holds and prepare for it.


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