A man is moving to NYC as a professional artist and painting

Moving to NYC as a professional artist

Many creatives and artists are moving and living in NYC, why is that? Most of them moved here because they had to be there to succeed in a career. All giant in theater, art, fashion, and music are located here. Moving to NYC as a professional artist is sometimes a must because the jobs are here, and sometimes is a wish to experience new things.

  • Artists have more chances to find a job in NYC than in other cities in the USA.
  • The most amazing and creative people are here, amateurs and professionals too. From famous artists to local artist. Meeting different people will inspire you and creating new connections is important for a job.
  • You have everything here and flying in another state isn’t necessary. From theaters, different people, to amazing buildings and street art.
  • Manufacturing is here, so if you want to make things, NYC is a perfect place because of factories around.
  • Another reason for moving to NYC as a professional artist is because all the “drive” is located here and it has a vibrant atmosphere. NYC is known for honest people, that also means they will rude if needed, nice, angry, sad, etc. They will not fake “nice”. It is a perfect situation for creating arts and being inspired.
  • NYC is everything just not boring, which is perfect for artists. Moving to NYC is a great option for artists, whether you are an amateur or pro. There is always something going on, events, openings, parties, etc.
Street art in NYC

NYC is of one the capitals for art, that’s why many artists want to live here

Best places for moving to NYC as a professional artist

Where artists live in NYC, where to move? Each neighborhood is special and unique. If you are able, visit it and explore if before moving to NYC as a professional artist. Most artists choose less expensive boroughs such as Brooklyn or Queens. Manhattan is very expensive, but on the other hand, it is a center of all events. f you want to open our own studio or a gallery, seah for NYC neighborhoods to invest in real estate and where you will have a maximum profit.

A view of NYC

Explore NYC and find a perfect place for you as a professional artist

Neighborhood in NYC that has the biggest number of artists are:

  • Upper West Side
  • Greenwich Village
  • Financial District
  • Chelsea
  • Clinton
  • Midtown
  • Upper East Side
  • Williamsburg
  • Greenpoint

On the other hand, some neighborhoods are getting more popular for artists. These neighborhoods have the largest increase, and in the past few years, more and more artists moved here.

  • Bedford Stuyvesant
  • Bushwick (an increase of %116)
  • Williamsburg
  • Greenpoint
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Fort Greene
  • North Crown Heights
  • Prospect Heights
  • Central Harlem

How to move arts safely to NYC

When your artwork is handled by professional movers, there is no reason to worry. But, some artists choose to pack artwork by themselves, and they hire a company just to transport them. So, how to pack them properly. Damages can cost you a lot. You invested too much time and money to take risks and put your “babies” in danger.

Girl face covered with paint

Don’t freak out, there are simple ways to move all your artwork safely

Moving prints with glass

If you need to pack glass paintings artwork, you should know it is very sensitive and fragile. The first step in to put a wade tape as a letter X to prevent it from breaking. Wrap the entire glass with air bubble foil and cover it with corrugated cardboard. Don’t forget to protect the edges too. If you have more than one painting and need to pack them in the same box, pack them facing each other. Secure the box and don’t save material.

Moving oil paintings

The most important thing is not to damage the surface of the painting during the move. It is the worst-case scenario, for sure. If the paintings are large and heavy, the best solution is to build a custom-made box for them. You, as a professional artist, know how valuable and expensive are oil paintings.

Moving sculptures

If you are creating sculptures and need to pack them for the move, you know that they are the most difficult and complicated artwork to pack. Especially if they are big and heavy. The entire sculpture must be wrapped entirely with an air bubble foil. And if is heavy, you will need help from friends to help you lift it. Use tape and a box to protect a sculpture more.

Moving crystal or china (fragile items)

Making fine china and hand-made porcelain is very delicate work, so as packing them. If you didn’t want to hire a full-service moving company, now it is time to consider it, in order to protect fragile valuables. If not, but special boxes for china and a proper packing paper and air bubble foil. You should not improvise now.

Hiring a company to move arts

How to have a smooth move and not to worry about your artwork. Yes, you maybe can pack it right, but transporting them to NYC is a different story. Some artwork must be in climate-controlled place, so you will need a special moving vehicle, especially if it is a long-distance move. One of the companies that can handle and relocate all of your artwork is Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC. Your only job will be to create and make more arts.


By hiring a mover, your artwork will be successful relocated

Moving to NYC as a professional artist is a great idea, choose the best neighborhood that will inspire your work and pack your bags. It has a lot to offer, that’s why NYC is one of the most famous cities in the world. Artists from all around the world are coming here to explore and/or to succeed. Get your own chance, pack your tools and give it a shot.


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