A man carrying a stack of boxes as he prepares for moving to Florida on a budget.

How to pack when moving to Florida on a budget

Is an upcoming relocation stressing you out? Sure, moving to Florida isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve got a lot of chores to do; such as packing! But regardless of that, there are plenty of reasons why you should be happy about your move to a new household. Believe us though – you won’t find many things to be more important for a successful move than planning things far enough in advance. If you take care of that with enough forethought, you won’t have any trouble moving to Florida on a budget with ease. And while a lot of relocation-related chores may look easy enough to handle; there’s always the packing to complicate things. Especially if you haven’t got a large moving budget to work with. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got plenty of useful tips for making this process hassle-free!

Moving boxes

Okay, so you’ve hired a moving company like promoversmiami.com to take care of most of your relocation for you; basically, you’re all set to successfully transition to your new home. But, there’s still something you need to do before the moving day – and that’s to pack for your moving to Florida on a budget. As simple as this may seem at first, you’ll find that it can be quite complicated; but only if you let it be. That’s why you need to think of stuff like your packing materials on time. Specifically, first and foremost, you need to make sure that you’ve got enough moving boxes.

A cat in a cardboard box.

Cardboard boxes are good for all sorts of things!

These are your basic and most important moving items, as they’ll serve for the transportation of all of your household stuff. So, if you’re moving on a budget, and you’ve got a large home; you might be wondering how to acquire these cheaply? The good news is, there’s a way to do it with relative ease. Just take a look around the liquor stores in your neighborhood; they’re bound to have a bunch of cardboard boxes that they’ll want to give out for free. Fare warning, though – some of these might be shabby and prone to breakage, so definitely inspect them before putting any heavier items inside. At the end of the day, second-hand boxes are basically free, but they may require some extra effort while packing.

Other kinds of packing materials

So, before you call a team from Sunny Isles Beach to move you, are there any other kinds of packing materials you need? Indeed, there are. More specifically, once you’ve acquired the boxes, you’ll need to focus on getting enough packing protection for your stuff. This is crucial, as these materials will keep your household items safe in transport, and provide cushioning. With that in mind, you’ll want to use things like:

  • Old magazines – If you’re moving to Florida on a budget, and you need to save money on packing equipment, using simple crumpled papers as packing protection is a great idea. And plus, you’ll finally have a use for all those old papers that are just there gathering dust. 
  • Wrapping – For some of the more fragile items though, you’ll definitely need to find more adequate protection than old papers. With that in mind, why not utilize aeroplast? That’s a kind of plastic that always gives you the finest protection for breakable stuff, in cases where old magazines just won’t suffice. 
  • Packing peanuts – If you need to pack smaller items in larger boxes, there will be an issue; a lot of empty space. And that space isn’t good if there’s a chance your things will rattle around in transit. That’s why you need some packing peanuts. These will fill up all of that room in the box, and keep stuff from moving around too much. 

Using proper labeling

If there’s one piece of advice we’d like to give you for moving to Florida on a budget, and moving in general, it’s the fact that proper organization is crucial. Once the moving day comes, you want to have it planned perfectly for months in advance. Should you miss out on doing this, you’ll be facing a completely chaotic day, where many mistakes can be made. With that in mind, make sure that you use proper labeling while you prepare your items for the move. That way, unpacking will be one of the simplest things to do after moving.

An empty label in a cardboard box.

Use proper labeling while moving to Florida on a budget!

Also, if you ask us, you should employ a system of colored labels. That’s pretty self-explanatory, and anyone who will be helping you out with the relocation will be able to grasp it easily. Color-coded boxes will also be the easiest thing in the world for your movers to handle, as they’ll precisely know what stuff to handle with more care, and what isn’t that fragile.

Final notes

While you’re preparing for a process that’s as complicated as a relocation, you’ll find that becoming forgetful is easier than you might think; especially when it’s about the tiny details. That’s something every relocation guide will tell you. And while you’re preparing for moving to Florida on a budget, there’s bound to be something you miss out on doing.

Layers of cardboard

As you’ve realized by now, the quality of your cardboard boxes is important!

Just make sure that thing that you forget doing isn’t getting enough packing tape. Really, this is pretty much essential, as you’ll need packing tape for a series of things. Most importantly, you’ll use it to seal the top of your boxes. But also, if you’ve got any shabbier ones, you’ll use tape to reinforce it from below.


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