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Places in Orange County that retirees will love

Orange County can be an amazing place for you to retire. People usually are looking for some nice and quiet place to retire after all those years of working and being busy. Now is the time to find some nice suburban area, befriend your neighbors and relax a little bit. The best way to do just that is by choosing the perfect place for retirement. The two most important things you need to choose now are what part of Orange County you want to live in and what kind of real estate do you want. We will show you all the best places for retirees. Then you will decide on your own whether you want a house or an apartment.

House or an apartment

This is solely up to you, but be careful while choosing. You are older nowadays, you don’t need an apartment high up with no elevator, or a house with a huge yard you need to take care of every day. Choose wisely and think about yourself, not the place. You need to pick the best possible option for you. Maybe you can consult with some of your friends that are already retired or experts like real estate agents.

Orange County

People from the whole of California chose this place for retirement for a reason. It’s a bit cheaper to live here than in LA. Fun fact – when the name “Orange County” was proposed there weren’t many oranges to be found here. They started planting citruses to promote the name. Weather-wise this is the most pleasant place in California. This is one of the many reasons why retirees love it here. It can be a bit humid here, but nothing drastic, and living in California chances are you are already used to that.

Orange County
Orange County is a perfect place for California retirees.

Places in Orange County that you should consider

The whole Orange County is great of course, and you will be able to find a perfect spot for you just about everywhere but according to the research retires usually choose one of these places to live after retiring :

  • Santa Ana
  • Anaheim
  • Laguna Woods
  • Seal Beach

So let’s explore them a bit more and see why they can be a perfect fit for you.

Laguna Beach
You should also do some research on Laguna Beach too. This can be a good place for retirement.

Santa Ana

This is a beautiful yet major city in this county. It’s also a governmental center. If you are looking to live in retirement villages or retirement homes this is the perfect place for you since they have some of the best ones in the whole of California. Santa Ana’s zoo is a very famous place where people love to spend time and ride a mini-train going through the zoo. If you decide to move here it’s best to let professionals help you out with all the hard work. Local movers will be glad to help you out.

Santa Ana
Santa Ana is a beautiful city and you should explore it.


This is a city just outside Los Angeles. It’s best known for being home to Disney Resort so if you have grandchildren you can take them here. That will be the best adventure for them but for you too. Anaheim is considered to be a safe place. Even though it’s very close to LA it’s cheaper to live here. Grocery prices are over 12 percent cheaper than in Los Angeles. If this place after detailed research looks like a perfect place for you to retire you should turn to experts in the area to help you out to settle in. There is no need to do everything on your own.

Laguna Woods

This place has the ultimate village for people over 55. It’s called Laguna Woods Village and is California’s premier active lifestyle community for people 55 and older. This is not just for seniors anyone can buy a place here as long as they meet the financial requirements of Laguna Woods Village. You can spend your days enjoying all the nice restaurants, coffee shops and parks they have. But this place is amazing for seniors so check it out.

Seal Beach

If you dream about retiring near the beach, this is the perfect place. Seal Beach is a suburb of Long Beach which is a perfect combination for you. Many retirees live in Seal Beach because this is a quiet, down-to-earth community and looks dreamy too. Seal Beach is a very clean place which is only adding to the beautiful nature you can experience here. The most important thing to know wherever you decide to retire you should call movers like to help you out. Heavy lifting should be left to younger people, it’s your turn to enjoy and relax now.

Choosing the right place

Every one of those places has its charm and its perks. You need to do thorough research before buying or renting any property. Hopefully, you will be spending a lot of years here and you want them spent good and quite enjoyable so take your time. Talk to your family and friends, they can be great advisors. It can be smart to involve professionals like realtors to help you out.

Adapting to any of these places will be easy for you coming from busier cities in California especially if you are from LA. The adaptation process will start as soon as you move in but if you play it smartly and involve movers you will be quick to finish all those boring chores like unpacking. That will make everything a lot easier. Then you can start with getting to know your new neighbors. Also, you should start exploring the city as soon as you arrive and find all the best spots for you to spend your days. You are here to enjoy yourself after all.

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