A c alculator to find out how precise online moving estimates are.

How precise are online moving estimates?

Moving estimates seem pretty helpful and almost every moving company offers free online moving estimates. But how precise are they actually? Can they really help you plan out your moving budget in advance? Many people don’t even know what these estimates are and how they work. That is why we are here to explain a little bit more to those of you who don’t quite understand and to find the answer to the question of how precise are these estimates.

What is an online estimate?

An online estimate is an estimated price that a moving company gives you after you put in certain things about your move. The first thing you have to input is the place where you are moving from and the place where you are moving to. This is because they need to calculate the distance and the amount of time the move is going to last. The next thing you have to input is the size of your home. They usually offer a list of suggestions which you can choose from. This list begins with a studio apartment and ends with a 5-room home usually.

After you select the size of your home, some moving companies are going to ask you to select the size of your move. More precisely, how full your move is. For example, are you moving just furniture or just boxes, or both? After you fill that in, you might have to choose if you want the moving company to pack your items. And lastly, you need to input the date of your move.

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Inputting these things is easy.

How precise are these moving estimates?

Well, certain companies give really precise online moving estimates and others don’t. Usually, more experienced moving companies give better estimates. And that is one of many reasons why you will always see articles online writing about why you need to hire experienced and trustworthy movers for your relocation no matter how big or small it might be.

Getting an accurate estimate is very important. It makes planning your moving budget much easier and more precise. And having a well-planned out moving budget is a part of every successful move. Getting an accurate estimate is one of the best ways to prepare for your next big move.

How to evaluate online moving estimates?

After getting an online moving estimate, you should always consider the fact that your move might cost a few hundred dollars more. This is because moving companies have fees that not many people know about. For example, if you live in a building that doesn’t have an elevator or you own something that can’t possibly fit into the elevator, the moving company is going to charge you a bit extra. Try to carry something heavy and bulky up or down the stairs and you will understand why they charge extra. After all, you can always help your movers if you don’t want to be charged too much.

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