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Questions to ask your office movers

There comes a time in everyone’s life to move. You need a smaller apartment to decrease the costs. Need a bigger one, cause your family is getting bigger. Go to college or change cities for a job. Relocate your office. Then comes the inevitable question – Where do I even begin? Don’t be afraid, it’s not that hard. If you find a reliable relocating company and arrange everything, you shouldn’t have any troubles. Just make sure to ask your office movers everything you want to know so that you can avoid any misunderstandings and discomforts.

Questions to ask your office movers

First of all, you’ll want to make a strategy. That includes finding a moving company. Next, you want to make a list of questions to ask your office movers in advance, just in case, so you don’t forget to ask something. While you think of all the things that trouble you, here are some of the questions we think you may consider asking them:

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Make a list of questions


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every moving company is the same.  Ask them about their company. How long they have been in business? Do they have any previous experience in this type of moving? Don’t be afraid to ask this type of question, since it will help you decide whether they’re suitable for the job.


Also very important. Ask your office movers what are the estimated relocating costs. This may vary from company to company, and on the type of move and your requirements. This leads us to the next question,

Additional fees

Sometimes some services are not included in a regular moving package. So make sure to ask them about special things to move if you have any. Also, ask if the movers offer packing services and whether or not they are disassembling furniture. Is it included in the price, and if not, how much will it cost you?

Packing supplies

What kind of packing do they practice? Can you provide some packing supplies? If you want to provide some packing supplies, or you’re packing some smaller things yourself, consult them about what packing material to use and in what quantity

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Provide packing supplies if necessary

Storage unit considerations

You’ll probably have some stuff that you will have to leave or that will have to wait until you unpack and declutter in your new office. Ask your office movers how to choose the right type of storage unit for everything that you cannot move at the moment.

Dealing with complaints

It is not unusual that during the move some things get damaged, broken or even lost. So make sure to ask them how much time do you have to fail a complaint if something like that happens. And does the company reimburse you in such cases?

Better to ask the way than go astray

Asking the right questions is half of the job when choosing your mover. You can always look online for others’ experiences and recommendations. Maybe you’ll get some of your questions answered, or maybe you’ll have even more to ask. Either way, it is important to ask your office movers everything you want to know. It is in your best interest, but also theirs, that you are satisfied with their services.

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