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Reasons why California seniors love moving to Canada

Moving to Canada is very popular amongst seniors. This, not a coincidence, we will show you few popular reasons why. But for a few years now it’s becoming a real trend for seniors to relocate to Canada and live their retirement years there. Even though California is a great state, it is overcrowded and seniors don’t really enjoy that. Also, prices are getting rocket high nowadays. This is of course still an amazing place for young and ambitious professionals, but seniors need something peaceful and quieter so they can enjoy their calm phase.

The most common reason why seniors are moving to Canada

Did you know that free healthcare in Canada is not only for Canadians? It is for all living there permanently. You don’t have to be Canadian to use free healthcare. This is the most popular reason why people like to move here. Because let’s face it healthcare in the states can be quite pricy. Especially in an expansive place like California. If you don’t have a great healthcare plan you will be in trouble if you get sick unexpectedly and good healthcare insurance is very pricy.


If you go from California and look at the prices in Canada from everyday items to housing prices you will be amazed. You can actually afford something very nice. How great is that? Prices are different even if you just go to the grocery store and you will be able to spot the difference. Of course, you will need to adapt to a new currency, but in some towns, they actually accept American dollars. Not just that, you will actually have a place to park your car which is getting really problematic in California. This is not the only great place but it’s a pretty good one. So besides being able to afford a better place you will also be able to have a car and park it wherever you wish. But, things are only getting better from now on.

Friendly and safe neighbors

This is something very characteristics for Canadians. They are very friendly and welcoming. The whole world knows about this phenomenon. Canada is known for being a safe place, and crime rates are very low. That is always a good thing, you don’t need to worry about burglaries and such things. Of course, no one can guarantee you anything but knowing that you are living in a safe place will leave you feeling at ease. It can be really nice to retire in a kind place like that where you will be able to be friendly with everybody. Also, they have great senior recreation groups. Make sure to join one, especially those walking groups – they are great for recreation.

Senior friendly towns

Almost all towns are senior-friendly starting from the capital city Ottawa to some small and rural towns, but choosing one is never easy. So let’s take a look at some great and popular towns. Moving to Canada will only look more appealing now.

An elderly couple sitting on a bench and thinking about moving to Canada
Its important to find a nice and quiet place to enjoy your retirement.


Ottawa is a great place and senior-friendly place. This just might be the most popular retirement sport. With it being a capital city you have the entertainment to choose from. Also, it’s quite an affordable place. Actually, Ottawa is more affordable than Toronto which is quite unusual. Best of all you will have many suburban neighborhoods here to choose from and house styles too. This is part of the charm of this town.

Canadian flag and the Big Ben in the background
Ottawa-very popular retirement spot.


This is a port city near lake Ontario, which is a great location. Lake Ontario is amazingly beautiful especially during summer. Affordable housing and breathtaking nature are some of the top reasons why people are moving here. With simple googling, you will be able to see why this might be a great decision to relocate here.

The easiest way is to leave all the hard work and heavy lifting to professionals like You have retired, after all, there is no need for you to bother yourself with such tasks. Leave this part to professionals and you will be better of.


Another popular place for seniors. If you like to golf, you are in the best place in North America! Also, if you are a fishing enthusiast you will be very happy here with the choice of fishing spots Vancouver can offer you. Don’t worry they speak mostly English here, there is no need to learn French if you don’t feel like it. They are very friendly toward the USA ex-pats, they even accept US dollars.


It’s no secret that Americans like to go to Toronto because of this city location. It’s so close to the states that you have all of the benefits of both states. You get the best of both worlds in one town. So this is the reason many Americans are coming here to retire. Even though prices are a bit higher here than in Ottawa for example, they are still lower than the USA average. You will still have plenty to do and see here and if you ever feel nostalgic Detroit is nearby.

The city of Toronto seniors frequently choose when moving to Canada.
You get the best of both worlds here.

Adaptation after moving to Canada

Moving to Canada is going to great of course but you will still need an adaptation period. Especially weather-wise. The winters are colder than you are used to. Especially if you were born in California. The other part of adaptation will be much easier because of the people here. They are so friendly you will feel at home in no time so as soon as you move – go to meet your new neighbors. Also, exploring your new town will be both fun and exciting. Be sure to join all the great senior groups your town can offer you. This can be great for you. In the states meeting new people of whatever age can be difficult, here this is a piece of cake.

Top places for relocation

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